Are you getting married soon? We know wedding planning can be a lot. From finding venues, invitations, your dress, and the decorations, it can be a lot. When it comes to your hair, we know that finding the right hairstyle is super important for your big day. We know that many naturalistas choose not to straighten their hair for their wedding day. We want your day to be as seamless as possible so we’ve found some amazing natural wedding hairstyles for you. May your wedding day be special and filled with love

1. Elegant Side Twisted Updo

How to achieve this look:

Part hair in sections. Flat twist the sides and make sure to use a moisturizing product like the Heavenly Halo softening milk as your styler. Then twist and curl. Separate your curls once dry. Make sure the hair is completely dry before separating for the best results. Check out the full video here.

2. Low Twisted Bun

How to achieve this look:

Blow the hair out, it does not have to be bone straight. Part in sections and use a mousse such as Mielle Organics Brazilian Curly Mousse and bantu knot the hair in sections. Let your hair dry and remove the bantu knots and seperate. Pin into a low bun. You can use a barrette as well to bring something creative to this look. For a full video tutorial, watch it here.

3. 10 Minute Twisted Updo

How to achieve this look:

You can create this style on blown out hair. Part hair in sections and flat twist for best results. The top portion will be single twists that you can pin up. This style is super easy and you don’t need many products to complete this look. Finish off with a shine spray such as the Doux The Light Weightless Shine Mist , watch the full video here.

4. Twisted Pompadour

How to achieve this look:

Part the hair in 3 sections. Use a styler to create ponytails with twists. Pin twists into a mohawk. This style is super easy and only has a few steps, watch the tutorial here.

5. Pinned Twistout

How to achieve this style:

You can start on blown out hair or damp stretched hair. Twist and curl hair around rods. When separating use an oil like Obia Naturals Argan Rose Hair Oil . Pin to the side for a cute chic twisted updo, watch the video here.

6. Braided Draped Headband

How to achieve this style:

Part a middle section at the top of your head for the headband. Use a cream like the As I Am Coco Shea Whip to cornrow hair, if you can’t cornrow you can also flat twist the hair. For the rest of your hair create individual three strand braids. Let hair dry and take down the individual braids in the back. Get creative and add some hair jewelry to the front crown headband and tie back with bobby pins, see the tutorial here.

7. Roll & Tuck Updo

How to achieve this style:

Section hair and add a moisturizer like the Alikay naturals lemon grass leave in. Flat twist and then roll and tuck into a mohawk. This is a super cute and easy style. Perfect for any occasion, watch here to recreate your look.

8. Easy Twisted Updo for Natural Hair

How to achieve this look:

Start this style on stretched hair. Part hair in two sections. Slick into a back ponytail. This style does add marley hair. Add marley hair to a bun in each section. Pin and that’s it! Super cute, easy and quick style. Watch the video here.

9. Braidless bun updo

How to achieve this style:

You can start this style on lightly blown out hair. For the pattern in the front, part hair into small sections and connect the hair. Slick hair into a top knot bun. Add textured curly hair to the top to create the bun. Add some hair Jewelry for fun! See the tutorial here.

10. Twisted Crown Updo

How to achieve this look:

This is a super cute and easy style to achieve that is great for any occasion! Part your hair in two sections and make two buns. Use marley hair to create two buns and then connect them into a crown, see here.

11. Faux Updo on Natural Hair

How to achieve this look:

You can start this style on stretched or blown out hair. Part in two sections one for the top and one for the back. Make sure to slick the hair down into ponytials. Use braiding hair and twist braiding hair. You can use Kanekalon hair or Marley hair, whichever you feel is best for the style. Add a barrett for the finished look! Adding hair pieces can make any look timeless! Catch the tutorial here.

12. Quick Easy Bridal Updo

How to achieve this look:

To soften and moisturize your hair use a moisturizer such as Aunt Jackie’s Moisture Intensive Leave in. Part hair into two sections. This style uses braiding hair. Twist hair and add to your buns. Again, adding hair accessories brings any style to life! This is a great style that is super easy to do, watch the video tutorial here.

13. Twisted Low Bun

How to achieve these looks:

Not sure how to style your hair for your big day? Try any of these three timeless DIY styles that are super easy to do. You will need braiding hair for this style as well! See here for step-by-step video.

14. Twisted Pompadour

How to achieve this look:

Each hairstyle can start off on blown out or stretched hair. Make sure you use a gel such as Eco Styler to lay your hair and slick it into ponytails. Watch the video tutorial here.

15. Easy Bridal Wedding Bun

How to achieve this style:

Slick hair into a bun. This style used braiding hair that you can twist or braid into your desired texture for the bun. Take the braiding hair and loop around your bun and twist and wrap around, take a look here for the full hair tutorial.

Hope you find some wedding hairstyle inspiration! Let us know your favorite hairstyle(s) in the comments!