Prom season is here again, curlies. You’ve made it through high school in one piece, and graduation is just on the horizon. After overcoming a rigorous and demanding senior year, you deserve nothing less than a stunning prom look! All without so much as looking at a flat iron.

Luckily, curly and textured hair is perfect for formal styles. Whether you’re looking for a simple, stress-free hairstyle or you’re going for something much more dramatic, we’re here to help you sift through the plethora of style ideas so you can focus on making your night even more memorable.

1. Pinned to the side.

prom 1

Image Source: @idohairdo, stylist

Push your curls to the side and add jewel-embellished hair pins for an effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic.

2. Fingerwaves.

Image Source: @anastasialoverasxd

Finger waves are a classic, and it’s a perfect go-to if you have short curls. Simply use some gel and mousse to slick down your hair for effortless elegance.

3. Braided updo.

Image Source: @curlbellaa

Channel your inner Janelle Monae at prom with this sophisticated yet exciting looking updo.

4. Twisted faux locs.

Image Source: @toningtoni

Prom is the perfect occasion for faux loc extensions. Style them with a large twist in the front for a no-fuss formal look.

5. Curly faux hawk. 

Image Source: @thenotoriuskia

Twist or braid down the sides of your hair, leaving a lively mass of curls in the center.

6. Middle part and fluffy curls.

Image Source: @tylauren

Slick down the front of your hair for a sleek middle part and voluminous, undefined curls in the back.

7. Flower crown.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @Eboneedavis

This Frida Kahlo-esque look is fit for a (prom) queen.

8. Low braided ponytails.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @vanlenore

These low ponytails and gold headpiece give off warrior princess vibes.

9. Braided headband.

Image Source: @heycurlie

Did you plan to do a twist-out or a braid-out? Braid a section of your hair and wrap it around your head like a headband. And, of course, adorn your hair with accessories.

10. Feed-in low bun.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, @amendlasponsored

Rock your feed in braids in a finger wave formation like Amendla.

11. Cornrowed bun. 

Image Source: @heyhellolauren

Wear this style to prom and dance the night away, knowing your hair is protected and looks bomb.

12. Big and curly low ponytail.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @YaraShahidi

Yara stuns by pulling her hair back and sporting a voluminous curly ponytail.

13. Loc’ed updo.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @chloexhalle

Prom go-ers with locs can easily prepare for the festivities with a simple updo. Add some string and wire to spice it up a little.

14. Simple headbands.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @danaigurira

The Black Panther star looks stunning in her braids and the gold headband ties this formal look together. Not looking to do much styling? Add a headband.

15. Half updo.

Image Source: @sophia_roe

This half-up style will undoubtedly have the whole prom’s eyes on you. The higher the ponytail, the better.

16. Flowery braid.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, @golden_barbie

Weave some flowers into a simple braid for an graceful and eye-catching prom look.

17. Pinned back.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @zaziebeetz

Pin your curls up in the back and embrace your frizz like Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz.

18. Braided crown.

Image Source: @micaelaverrelian

This intricate updo is a must for anyone who wants to look regal in their prom pictures.

19. Twisted bun.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @jewejewebee

Add twists or braids in the front of your updo for some added shine.

20. Bobby pin art.

Image Source: @naturallycurly, of @sunitav_

Use bobby pins or decorative clips to create shapes and patterns. With something as simple as bobby pins, your friends will be amazed with your creativity.

Are you ready for prom 2019? Which of these curly prom styles is your favorite? Go ahead and start a discussion in the comments below.