It’s getting hotter and our curls are needing extra protection from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can be damaging to your scalp and curls by drying them out. Since many of us don’t apply sunscreen to our hair, keeping your scalp hydrated and healthy can be done with not only a great hair product, but with a trendy accessory as well.

I know hats can be hit and miss within the natural hair community, but the great thing is that the fashion world is catching up with us! Some businesses are dedicated to creating curl hair specific hats for everyday wear, which is now making curly hair and hats more style-friendly. This summer, try out any of these five summer hats, along with the hairstyles that work with each specific hat.

Baseball Cap

5 Curly Girl Approved Hats To Protect Your Curls

“That hat for us,” is here to make the classic baseball hat fun, trendy, and accessible for us curlies! You can buy this hat tailor-made for curly hair at Tress, an online shop that aims to make stylish accessory that’s protective and functional for its customers. Styles that would work best with this accessory is a low ponytail, wash and go, or space buns since the hat is designed with textured hair in mind.

Image: @tress.thathatforus

Bucket Hat

5 Curly Girl Approved Hats To Protect Your Curls

Going retro has never been more in style with this 90s hat that is making a big comeback. Bucket hats are cute and trendy for a casual look that your curls will appreciate. Many of your favorite stores — like Forever21 — are carrying texture, printed, and patterned versions of this throwback. You can rock lemonade braids, mini braids, or a cornrow bun to help this hat protect your curls.

Image: @baileyandmartin

Floppy Hat

5 Curly Girl Approved Hats To Protect Your Curls

 The floppy hat never goes out of style because it’s literally the perfect beach or pool accessory. Floppy hats come in all sizes, colors, and varieties, which is ideal for those of us wanting options for our style. These hats represent elegance and can add flair to a bathing suit or a sundress. Kohls has some great selections for those of you wanting inspirational wording monogrammed on the back for insta-worthy pictures. Natural hairstyles that pair well with this hat are box braids, twist-outs, or a side-braid.

Image: @thebeautydiary265


5 Curly Girl Approved Hats To Protect Your Curls

 I know you may be thinking no one wears a visor anymore, or this style of hat may give you amusement park vibes, but it is a trendy summer staple! Visors are great for protecting your face and giving much-needed shade from harsh UV rays. It’s comfortable, versatile, and you can rock any updo with it. The standard visor has been updated with a clear rim, bold colors, and cute monograms. Pineapple Protector has designed a visor that is great to rock a pineapple, high ponytail, or cornrows.

Image: @pineappleprotector

Panama Hat

5 Curly Girl Approved Hats To Protect Your Curls

 We’re getting Cubano vibes with the panama hat! The great thing about this hat is that there are several versions with a wide brim, monochrome look, or with brims featuring patterns and bright colors. The panama hat has been a summer staple for years and is an excellent accessory to pair with a stylish or casual look. It will give you 360-degree shade for you face, hair, and neck, which makes it an essential part of your beach bag. This type of hat can be purchased at stores such as Urban Outfitters. Natural hair styles that work well with this look are a side braid, low bun, or goddess locs.

Image: @prestonolvia

Always keeping your face and hair protected in the summer heat should be a high priority whether that means packing product, sunglasses, or a hat. These are great options to create versatile and stylish looks that can pair well with any summertime outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a hairstyle that works best for the individual hat.

Show us your hat-adorned curls in the comments section, below!

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