Discovering your natural curls can be scary, but there’s no need to fret! If you’re a curly kid, teen, or beginner, there are a lot of styles to do that aren’t as daunting, and don’t take hours to complete. These styles are great for on-the-go looks, or just to try something new.

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The Styles:

1. Two buns in three steps

First you part your hair straight down the middle into two sides. Comb your hair up, and put it into a ponytail before wrapping your hair around itself. Lania.Theresa shows us how cute this quick style is for any day of the week.

2. A classic curly do from Curls.Locks.Chronicles

A go-to style that can never fail you. Whether your curls are fresh out of the shower, or a little less than moisturized, this style will work for you. Use your hands or a comb to part out a side bang in the front of your hair. Put the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, and let your curls flourish.

3. emblu’s Quick and Easy Style

Simply grab half of your hair and tie it up like you would a ponytail. Leave the rest of the hair down. You can add a holding or styling product to maximize your curl pattern.

4. A sleek low bun

Takes a bit of effort, but the style is perfect for any occasion. You can do this style with a middle part, or no part at all. Brush your hair back with alcohol-free gel on top to sleek and solidify the style. The gel will also add a great shine, just like in themindofmutiny's gorgeous picture.

5. ohwendyoh’s Versatile and Quick Hairstyle

A big bun is a great quick style that is low maintenance. Pull all your hair up and tuck it neatly into a bun. Here are some tips on how to craft the perfect bun.

If you’re just starting your curly journey, there are many way to learn about your hair with tutorials and blogs from Naturally Curly.