Everyone with curls has talked about their curly hair journey because it’s just that- a journey! It’s so much more than just letting your hair be curly. “My journey to loving my curls was truly a journey to self-love and self-discovery,” says Jackie Stiff of @justlikejackies. With curls comes acceptance of frizz, finding your porosity and curl pattern, and discovering what your individual curls need which doesn’t typically happen overnight. This is why we’ve turned to some friends with amazing curls to help.

India Batson is an influencer who can say “Now I love my hair. I feel like a lioness in my hair. I love it, I rock it, and I embrace it!” India is one of many who inspires us to shake out our natural waves and curls and embrace the textures that we have. We sat down with some top curl influencers, @amandarrwalker, @justlikejackies, and @indiabatson to learn more about how they style their curls.

  1. Get To Know The Personality Of Your Curls: Each curly girl has a unique head of hair, with its own curl type – often a combination of curl types. “Our hair can look completely different even though we both have loose curls,” says India. “It’s in those small ways, that our individual style is defined.”

Amanda Walker says loving her curls means loving the personality of each individual spiral. “You can’t tame them and you can’t make them do exactly what they want,” she says. “But they are each so special in their own way.”

  1. Porosity is as Important as Curl Type: Many people with curls have discovered that finding out their hair’s porosity is just as important as knowing their curl type. Hair porosity – which falls on the porosity spectrum low, normal or high - affects how your hair reacts to different products (low porosity doesn’t absorb moisture as easily as high porosity hair), how it’s impacted by the weather (high porosity hair tends to get frizzy when the humidity rises) and how best to style your hair.

  1. Always Protect from the Heat: One recommendation that you always read is to NOT use heat on curly hair, but we’re changing that to PROTECT your curls when you use heat. “Whenever I’m diffusing to do my natural hair wash and go or when I’m doing straight styles,” says Amanda. Oils, for example, have heat indexes that can harm your strands she says. She trusts her tresses to Maui Moisture Color Protection + Sea Minerals Heat Shield Mist, “it’s great for straightening or for curls,” she says.
  1. Moisture is a Must: Jackie’s curl journey started because she wanted to be a positive role model for her daughters. She discovered that her curls needed a lot of moisture to stay healthy and supple, which helps reduce damage and breakage. When using a lot of product, a lot of buildup can occur which is when she turns to Maui Moisture Detoxifying + Volcanic Ash Shampoo and Conditioner. “When my hair is feeling dull and congested, I use this conditioner,” says Jackie. “It gives me shiny curls and this creamy conditioner really feels amazing on wash day.”

  1. Embrace, Rather than Fight, Your Texture: Part of the process of going curly is accepting and embracing your natural pattern and texture. If there is one girl who fully embraces her loose, beachy waves, it’s India. She knows they’re not going to look perfect all the time, and that’s a part of their beauty. Her confidence comes from knowing that she can always achieve her style using lightweight products with big volume boosts and little weigh down, like the Maui Moisture Lightweight Hydration + Hibiscus Water Quenching Detangler. “It detangles your hair super effectively, giving you great amount of slip without weighing you down,” says India. “It’s a total game-changer.”

Watch now to hear more about their personal path to embracing their natural texture.

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