In honor of Women’s History Month let’s celebrate innovative women with curly hair of all ages, who are making history. Women with curly hair are impacting the world in all industries. Here are five women who are challenging the narrative and showing the world that the future is curly, fearless and resilient

Marsai Martin

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

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The Black-ish actress, Marsai Martin is going to create scripts for Universal. At 14-years-old, she is the youngest professional to have a first-look deal with Universal. She is also the youngest executive producer to have a deal with a studio for a studio film. Marsai will be an amusing filmmaker, producer, and creator. Her acting experience and talents in combination with her new creative positions with Universal will blow audiences away. As a filmmaker, producer, and creator Marsai will be working on the films StepMonster and Little, which she will also be starring in.

Lindsey Day

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

Image source: @lindseydayy

Lindsey’s drive and desire to see immense representations and diversity of black women unleashed her innovative power. Lindsey is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder for a print publication called CRWN Magazine. CRWN Magazine brings the versatility and beauty for natural hair of black women to the publication industry. CRWN Magazine goes beyond just black hair. It celebrates black women holistically by featuring inspiring photos, dialogue, concepts on culture, lifestyle topics, and more. 

Mikaila Ulmer

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

Image source: @mikailasbees

14-year-old Mikaila Ulmer is the founder of Me & the Bees Lemonade. Mikaila’s fascination and love for bees inspired her to become a bee ambassador, to create something to help them. This award-winning lemonade can be found at Whole Foods Market. It also can be found at natural food delivery companies, food trailers, and restaurants. Mikaila’s Me & the Bees Lemonade sells out at events for young entrepreneurs. Mikaila donates a portion of the lemonade’s sales profits to organizations that are dedicated to saving honeybees. Outside of selling lemonade Mikaila serves as an educator at workshops about saving honeybees, stays active on social entrepreneurship panels, and still gets her education as a bright student. 

Marley Dias

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

Image source: @iammarleydias

14–year-old author and activist Marley Dais launched #1000BlackGirlBooks, a unique book drive that focused on gathering 1000 books about black girls for black girls as readers. 9000 books were collected, which spread awareness about diversity for children’s books. Marley is the author of Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You. Check out her book out here! Marley is currently being nominated for activism by The Shorty Awards, which recognizes and honors the best organizations and people on social media platforms.

Marah Lidey

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

Image source: Photography by Kim Li

Shine co-founder Marah Lidey is making her mark in the tech industry. Shine is a mobile app that includes goal challenges, affirmations, gratitude prompts, motivational text messages, and audio meditations. Marah was driven to build something to provide support and insight for everyday struggles that people face. Shine allows users to explore calming tools for anxiety, self-love, self-care, burnout, dating, and much more. You can start your free trial here!

Women with curly hair are incredible leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The world needs women with curly hair to bring creativity, change, awareness, business, and support to all industries and all people.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we created something extra special for you so that you can take this reminder with you wherever you go. Check out our downloadable wallpapers below for your ihone or laptop.

5 Women Reminding Us The Future is Curly

What other innovative curlies do you know about that are making an impact on the world? Let us know in the comments below.

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