6 Things Every Mom with Curly Kids Should Know
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Caring for your own hair is quite the task, and when you have a curly kid it’s double the effort and work caring for two heads of hair. My daughter is 5 now and I always get asked for tips on how I care for her hair. Over the years I’ve learned the best way to care for her hair, what her hair likes and how to keep us both happy! Here are a few of my must have mom tips when caring for your curly kids hair.

1. Use a Pre-Poo

I’ve found that using a pre-poo like Mielle Organics Mongongo Pre-poo helps to detangle her hair before shampooing to help melt the tangles. A Pre-Poo is used before you wash the hair, and it helps to moisturize and detangle the curls. Pre-Poo saves so much time and has really been a game changer when it comes to detangling my daughter’s hair.

2. Wash Less Often

Believe it or not, I only wash my daughters hair about once a month. I try to keep my hands out of her hair so often. Make sure you create a wash day routine that works best for you. If you feel the need to wash more often, consider trying a co-wash like EdenBodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Co Wash. Co washing gently cleanses the hair while also adding moisture without stripping away the natural oils from the hair.

3. Detangle The Hair While Wet!

I also always make sure to detangle her hair wet not dry. This will save you tears on both ends! I love using the Felicia Leatherwood brush to help detangle my daughters curls. It works wonders! NEVER, detangle dry hair. It will be a nightmare, trust me on this!

6 Things Every Mom with Curly Kids Should Know

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4. Try Protective Styling

Mini twists are my favorite protective style for my daughter. They last long and serve as a two part hairstyle! I usually keep the mini twists in my daughter’s hair for about two weeks, then she wears a twist out for a few days, and then a bun. I like to keep it simple and keep my hands out of her hair all the time.

5. Use The LOC Method

Let’s face it natural hair tends to get dry and that is no exception with our curly kids. I’ve found that using the LOC method on my daughters hair helps keep her hair moisturized. If you haven’t heard of the LOC method, it is an abbreviation for leave in conditioner, oil and cream. It is also the way you should apply the products to your hair. The layering of products in a specific order help to maximize moisture retention. I’ve seen a major difference in my daughters hair when I use the LOC method. Some prefer LCO vs LOC. The technique is really up to you on what works best on your child’s hair. I like to use the following products on my daughter’s hair for the LOC method, Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In, Mint Almond Oil, and Avocado Hair Milk.

6. Always Protect The Hair At Night

Keeping your curly kid’s hair protected at night is very important to keep their hair healthy. I always make sure that my daughter sleeps in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase. Cotton can dry out the hair, so it’s important to keep the hair covered while sleeping. Check out the Essential Bedtime Routine For Curly Kids.

What are some ways that you care for your curly kids hair? Let us know in the comments you top tips for your little ones.

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