When you’re feeling bored and uninspired by your hair, there’s nothing like a good haircut to reignite that feeling of freshness. With so many options available to curly girls, it’s hard to truly exhaust all your options— especially if you’re willing to give up a few inches.

We all live for a little length (and work hard to maintain it, amiright?), but short cuts and even buzz cuts are a way to shake things up and express some creativity. You can’t get your hair back immediately after you shave it, which may naturally bring forth some anxiety; but when rocked with confidence, shaved styles can be stunning. We often put more value in having long, voluminous hair— but we can do both! Natural hair is beautiful in all textures, colors, and lengths.

Ready to pick up the clippers but need some inspiration? We’ve got you, sis. Here are 8 beautiful and unconventional shaved-head styles.

1.This short tapered cut.

buzz 1

Image of @_gabriellaelena

YouTuber Gabriella Elena is rocking her natural curls on top and shaved sides. If you’re not interested in shaving your entire head, tapered cuts are a perfect option. This fresh, buzzed tapered cut is definitely a vibe.

2. This green, completely-shaved look.

Image of @shayglam00

If you’re looking to be even more creative with your curls, coils, and kinks, you can never go wrong with a little color. Shay Glam isn’t afraid to shave it all off with this fun green color and full buzzcut.

3. This curly tapered cut with a super cute zig-zag design.

Image of @naturalleesunkissed

Get creative with designs! Janelle is showing off her beautiful curls and a tapered cut with a slightly elaborate zig-zag design.

4. These adorable blonde curls.

Image of @dorothy.abigail

Blonde buzz cuts? Yes, please. Dorothy’s cut is super stylish with an understated design.

5. This very long tapered look.

Image of @arispella

Wear your tapered cut at whatever length you’d like. Ariella has long, bouncy curls on top, and a dope design along the sides of her cut.

6. Some gorgeous short waves.

Image of @itskerilee

Yes, waves are for women, too. Keri is looking very elegant in her platinum waves and deep part.

7. A diamond-shaped undercut.

Image of @anjanag27

Undercuts are another way to wear a shaved style. You can even hide them if you want to give the illusion of a full head of hair. Anjana is showing off her beautiful geometric undercut design.

8. This fresh box braid look.

Image of @iamstyledtothetee

Into protective styling? Braids and a buzzcut is a look. Tamara is looking elegant in this freshly cut design with long box-braids.

Feeling adventurous, yet? Or maybe you already took the plunge and did a big chop. Tell us about it in the comments. And check out this article for more short curly cuts.