Summer is in our proverbial rear view mirror—and for a lot of curlies, that means it’s time for something new. We’re shelving our summer products in favor of a new routine and maybe a completely new look. If you’ve been holding out on getting those layers, a bob, a pixie cut, or even a buzzcut, go for it—there’s no time like the present. Make this fall season an excuse to actually try that new curly cut you’ve been craving.

If you’re worried about the post-cut regret, let us reassure you with these 15 curly, wavy, and coily cuts.

1. Image Source: @themonacut


Stylist and curl specialist Mona Baltazar is known for creating jaw-dropping shapes within her cuts. This cut creates volume and a frame for the face, while the bangs add that little bit of extra. Don’t be afraid of bangs, it can really elevate your look!

2. Image Source: @silva.hairdresser

A bob never goes out of style. And this mussed-up waves and shaved accent take it up a notch.

3. Image Source: @evanjosephcurls

We love a middle part. In addition to admiring the shoulder-length cut, let’s take a moment to appreciate the warm honey colored balayage.

4. Image Source: @voiceofhair

There’s something really elegant about a well-executed pixie cut. Keeping length on top gives a little more versatility.

5. Image: @nubiarezo 

Nubia Suarez’s Rëzo Cut has been a popular go-to for all textures and curl patterns in the past year or so. By focusing on maintaining the same length of hair around your head rather than framing your face (like the Deva Cut), Nubia is able to create remarkable volume without sacrificing length.

6. Image Source: @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

Atoya Bass, founder/creator of The Curly Hair Studio, created this incredibly unique cut. Who says you can’t have length and shape?

7. Image Source: @curlsbycandace

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an even trim to enhance your hair’s naturally beautiful shape.

8. Image Source: @curlpop

We can all agree that there shouldn’t be a rush out of the TWA phase—because the tapered TWA is an all time fav.

9. Image Source: @curlpop

Dailyn’s “romantic bohemian” cut brings out the definition in her curls without getting rid of much length, and frames her face.

10. Image Source: @leysahairandmakeup

For curlies who want a cut that gives their ringlets some shine, take a look at Leysa’s lionesque curls.

11. Image Source: @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

Cutting just a few curls short around the face on a long cut really draws the eye.

12. Image Source: @_thehalfrican

Sometimes you just have to embrace the frizz—perfect curls aren’t the only option. This cut by April aka “The Curl Whisperer” is youthful and showcases the natural curl pattern beautifully.

13. Image Source: @nubiarezo

Another gorgeous Rëzo Cut creation—this time on 2c curls.

14. Image: @pekelariley

This long pixie styled by Pekela Riley reminds us that we can let our curls stand as tall as we’d like.

15. Image Source: @niathelight

Nia’s curly halo cut evokes the classic Afro shape of the 60s and 70s—a look that still looks current and fresh today.

Do you switch up your look as the seasons change? What curly cut are you looking forward to next? Tell us all about it in the comments.