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My name is Alyssa and I’m a video editor here at NaturallyCurly. I have 4B curls with low porosity. I did the big chop in 2015 and it's been a wild ride figuring out what my hair likes or wants. After all these years, it's been a journey in itself figuring out what routine, products, and tools to use to get there. Even before the big chop, I only washed my chemically relaxed hair once a week. It works even better for me now. If anything, now I’ll try to go two weeks without washing. It all depends on if my curls are still when I refresh and my scalp issues aren’t flaring up. In order to do that, I have to tackle build up, detangling, and retaining moisture. I test out a lot of products for my hair’s happiness but these were the best ones I used this past year!

Washing Routine

Step 1: Clarify with Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo

An important first step, I use this shampoo to get rid of the build up on my scalp. I don’t think my hair had truly known “clean” until my first scalp massage with this. The shampoo is designed to make a little amount of product go along way which is really nice. My scalp feels truly refreshed whenever I us this. It gets every bit of dirt out of my hair and all without drying it out.

Step 2: Condition with The Doux’s Fresh Rinse Moisturizing Conditioner

My new trusty conditioner! Not only is it organic and free of any harsh parabens but it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth every time!

Step 3: Deep Condition with SASHAPURE Restorative Conditioning Masque

All week, as I wait for wash day, I’m really dreaming about the moment I get to use this amazing concoction to bring back all of the curls I lost to frizz and manipulation. The second I slather this stuff on, my curls pop back into place so fast and tight that I think this stuff might be magic. The way it saturates my low porosity hair gives it the best slip I’ve ever encountered. It also feels like its nourishing my hair in the long term. I can actually see and feel this mask repairing my hair with every use.

Step 4: Leave In Condition with Dark & Lovely’s Au Naturale Anti Shrinkage Slick Slip Leave In

Now because I’m both lazy and want maximum hydration, I slather this in my hair while I’m still in the shower and let the steam do its thing. The steam helps the product penetrate my strands easier while also locking in hydration. From here, I toss my hair up in an AQUIIS hair towel until all the water is squeezed out and I let my curls air dry. I use this as my daily leave in when styling as well. I love that it helps elongate my curls and fight off tangles!

Styling Routine

Step 5: Refresh with Curly Hair Solutions H20 Water Bottle

Between washes, I keep my curls going by refreshing them daily. That entails lightly spritzing my hair to make it easier for it to absorb product. When I first big chopped, I would dunk my head in the shower every morning. It was a massive mistake to soak it like that and I’m very glad I know better know. Finding the perfect spray bottle is a surprisingly hard task. My personal favorite and the hardest to find is the mister. Misting spray bottles cover more ground than any other type and with the perfect amount of water. This water bottle is probably the Queen of all misting spray bottles. It is the most advanced spray bottle I’ve ever come across and it is a hydration beast.

Step 6: Oil with Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Lavender Oil

I use the LOC Method so, after I use the Dark & Lovely’s Au Naturale Anti Shrinkage Slick Slip Leave In, I use a quarter sized amount of this castor oil. It is pretty heavy so a little goes a long way. I focus on mid shaft to the ends of my hair with this oil since that's where I need the most TLC. Most times when I try out a lighter oil, it basically evaporates off of my head. The thickness of this oil has a longer moisturizing effect that I thoroughly appreciate. Not to mention it comes in a variety of scents with different beneficial properties!

Step 7: Condition with Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

After my leave in and oil, I use this curl defining creme to lock in moisture and make my afro more malleable. Its humidity-resistant which means nothing can rain on this parade! It also refines and separates curls pretty well. I love the definition it gives me and the price point isn't too bad either.

Step 8: Texturize with the Denman Brush

If you’re having a particularly fluffy hair day with no curl definition, this brush is the tool you need. Using the H20 Water Bottle a bit more, I make sure the undefined parts of my hair are wet just enough for malleability. I then take the Denman brush to my ends and gently comb up to my mid shafts. It redefines the curls that have a harder time forming with just product alone. I have to create my bangs everyday and it wouldn’t be possible without this baby.

Twist Routine

Step 9: Twist Out with Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Butter Heatless Curl Stretch Gel

I have always been terrible at twist outs. My family has been trying to get me to do them consistently for years but I always turned out looking like Shirley Temple “gone wrong”. The first time I tried this cream gel, I fell deeply in love. This was the missing key to my twist outs! Paired with a Denman brush, my curls felt unstoppable! For once I didn’t have dry and rigid curls from my twist out. My hair also didn’t come out in a funny shape and shrink up into oblivion. This cream gel hydrated, stretched, and nurtured my curls. Now I do twist outs between washes, the day before important events, and I am a huge fan!

Do you have 4b coily hair? Let me know your favorites in the comments below. Check out the full list to see the winners from this years Best of the Best.