We know it isn’t a fad and we know that we all talk about it everyday, all day, but we also know that not everyone else does! Being natural haired women is a whole other ball game compared to our straight-haired sisters, and to them, talking about hair all the time is just, well, not normal.

Waves, curls and kinks need extra attention, mostly because they need extra moisture, and because once we all figure out how to treat our textured strands correctly, they kind of rock. Thus, we want to spread our newfound love and obsession with the world – and get and spread more advice about how to rock the perfect curls everyday, all day.

Curlies’ dedication to spreading the natural haired word paid off yesterday as #CurlyHairGirls began trending on Twitter! Now, we wish we had a screen shot to share with you, but we can guestimate that sometime on October 30, the hashtag started trending and that 10 hours ago – it was still doing so!

As of this morning, November 2, there is no #CurlyHair anything trending, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited that it was!

In honor of the event, we gathered some of our favorite #CurlyHairGirls tweets from the past two days!

#CurlyHairGirls & Twitter

#CURLYHAIRGIRLS is a trending topic? What’s up with curly hair? My hair is naturally curly like @shakira & I <3 it!

#CurlyHairGirls have the best hair and that’s that!! #fact

#CURLYHAIRGIRLS is trending!! Heck yes! My hair is large and in charge!! LOL! yessssss! We gotta stick together

#curlyhairgirls is trending but only on twitter. In the real world, straight hair rules. And I have naturally curly hair so I can say this.

#curlyhairgirls dont care if their edges r a lil curly…. AT LEAST WE HAVE EDGES!

#curlyhairgirls HAVE THE MOST OPTIONS

I’m not quite sure why #curlyhairgirls is trending, but YAAAY! Even if we spend most of our life straightening those curls away…..

#CurlyHairGirls are the best thing since sliced bread!

#curlyhairgirls steal my heart, idk why

I love the Curly Hair Girls trending topic. Us #curlyhairgirls tend to be forgotten lol

#curlyhairgirls rock! Always stand out in the crowd.

#CurlyHairGirls —- The best! Most exotic, Wild, and unique per girl! You can straighten any hair but a pretty natural curl isn’t fakable

#CurlyHairGirls‘ are the best! Myself included. You get the best of both worlds people!

someone asked me earlier what did you do to your hair ?? and i was like i had a shower and then ……. I did nothing #CURLYHAIRGIRLS

Just because I am one of these #curlyhairgirls, no I will not straighten my hair, and no I do not have a perm, and yes it is natural.

I didn’t know people loved #curlyhairgirls so much, if they only knew how hard it is to manage

This is the first time i’m part of a trending topic…..GIVI IT UP 4 #curlyhairgirls!!!

I see #CurlyHairGirls is trending on twitter. I honestly wish I had naturally wringlet curly hair, all you curly haired females are blessed

Want More?

To catch a glimpse of the action yourself, sign in to your Twitter account and search for #curlyhairgirls!

Final Thoughts

Curlies, hop on the #curlyhairgirls train and get the topic trending again! Let us know how you feel about the tweets above, and then tweet your own!



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