Who else loves soft and defined curls? I certainly do, especially when I want to get the most out of my wash n’ go. I recently tried the new All About Curls collection by Zotos Professional, which is catered to curly girls of all hair types and tones. Keep reading to find out how it worked on my medium porosity, 3c curly hair

I Tried the  All About Curls Collection and it Left My Curls Soft & Defined

First Impressions

One of the most important things that stuck out to me, was that all of their products do not contain sulfates, silicones or parabens, which is extremely important for maintaing my healthy hair. The products have a refreshingly, light pear scent that makes you smell like you just walked out of a fancy salon, without breaking the bank. The price point ranges from $9.99 – $11.99, plus they have a travel size kit available which is a great way to try out the entire line before fully committing.

Lo Lather Cleanser

I first grabbed the Lo Lather Cleanser to cleanse my hair. I applied it mainly on my scalp and worked it into my hair for a deep cleanse. It’s been at least a week or so since I washed my hair so I was in need of a good cleanse and this got the job done. I really like how it had a mild foam lather that gently cleansed my hair without leaving my hair feeling stripped of its natural oils. If you prefer a No Lather Cleanser, they also have that option too. 

Daily Conditioner

After I rinsed out the Lo Lather Cleanser, I applied the Daily Cream Conditioner. It has a creamy consistency that provides a ton of slip where I could easily finger detangle my hair without having to use a lot of conditioner. Another thing I appreciated is that I can use this product as a leave-in and daily conditioner to refresh my hair throughout the week to keep my hair moisturized.

Divine Treatment

I recently have been deep conditioning my hair more often, especially with the harsh Texas heat and I’ve been wearing more protective styles. The Divine Treatment hair mask has a very thick and creamy consistency. I raked it through my hair, put on a plastic cap and topped it off with my thermal hot head for an intense deep conditioning treatment. After 20 minutes, I rinsed out the divine treatment and immediately noticed how soft my hair felt. 

Bouncy Cream

Next, I grabbed the Bouncy Cream and raked it through my hair from root to tip. The consistency is similar to a paste, but without the icky sticky feeling. After only a few minutes, I noticed my curls began to form and my hair instantly felt hydrated, soft and defined. 

Soft Definition Gel

The last step of my routine, I raked in the Soft Definition Gel. The consistency is clear, thick and provided a medium hold without the crunch. If you prefer a stronger hold, there’s also a High Definition Gel to help combat frizz in humid environments. Even though I live in Texas and the humidity is at an all time high, the soft definition gel gave me enough hold and definition to combat frizz without the hard crunchy after effects.

I Tried the  All About Curls Collection and it Left My Curls Soft & Defined

Image: @queensconquer

Overall thoughts

The All About Curls collection by Zotos worked great on my hair! My hair feels incredibly soft, shiny, defined and moisturized. I would totally recommend this line to my curlfriends, plus it’s affordable and there’s plenty of options to accommodate your hair needs. 

Will you be trying this new All About Curls line from Zotos? If you have tried it, let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra is the Editor in Chief at NaturallyCurly who is an advocate for women entrepreneurs and inclusivity in media. Alexandra is passionate about empowering women to share their story and walk in their purpose. She is the founder of Queens Conquer, a branding and consulting firm for women in business. She strives to be a role model for girls and volunteers her time mentoring today’s youth to share her journey and importance of self-love, sisterhood and living limitlessly. In her spare time, you'll find her brunching with friends, hiking in the hills and cooking cajun cuisine.

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