It’s no secret that the momentum of the natural hair movement has proved that women with curly and coily hair are making brands listen to their needs and expand their product offerings to embrace their natural hair. From drugstore to luxury brands, there are hundreds of new collections being made specifically for textured hair women.

More than 80 percent of women with curly and coily hair say they purchase products specifically for textured hair rather than general market products, according to the 2018 TextureTrends Report from NaturallyCurly. An estimated 65 percent of the U.S. population has curly, coily or wavy hair, with a growing percentage of textured-hair women embracing their natural hair.

Oribe is one of the top luxury hair-care brands in the industry that teamed up with celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert, Stacey Ciceron, to create an extension to the moisture and control collection to raise the bar for curly and coily women to have an elevated experience. The four step collection includes a Deep Treatment Masque, Priming Lotion Leave-in, Curl Gelee and Styling Butter packaged in the most beautiful teal bottles that make you want to display them.

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

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Not only are the aesthetics on point, Stacey Ciceron assured that the formula was created to work for even the tightest curls. “I weighed in on the ingredient list and consulted on the texture of product—how it feels on our hair and how effective it is,” she says, later adding that ingredients such as essential and natural oils were nonnegotiables. “Highly textured hair requires more moisture and care, so I wanted to be sure we address those needs.”

The luxury collection ranges from $38 – $63, which is quite the splurge so you know I had to put it to the test to see if it’s worth the hype. I used the entire collection for 7 days, here’s how it worked for my 3c/4a curly hair.

Deep Conditioner

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

No lie this is the thickest and creamiest deep conditioner I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot of products as you can imagine. It’s packed with heavy and hydrating butters like murumuru, mango seed, shea butter, plus almond and coconut oil. When I opened it I immediately fell in love with the fresh floral scent that Oribe is known for. I took a big scoop of it and raked it through my freshly washed damp hair focusing mainly on my ends. It’s been a while since I deep conditioned my hair so I decided to take full advantage and go full throttle. I put on my thermal hot head and let it sit for 30 minutes and I watched an episode from my latest Netflix obsession, The All American. Once I rinsed it out, I instantly noticed my hair my softer and bouncier.

Leave-in Conditioner

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

Next, I grabbed the leave-in conditioner and finger detangled my hair section by section with ease. It’s creamy consistency wasn’t your normal light-weight primer, but it definitely gave my curls the moisture and slip I was looking for. This leave-in shares the same formula as the masque with additions of olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba seed oil to help seal in moisture and added slip.

Styling Butter

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

Now, usually I’m not a huge fan of butters because they weigh my hair down, but this wasn’t as thick as I was expecting. Plus, it was in a tube which was easy to control how much I used. It has a very rich and creamy consistency so I only needed a couple dime size squirts and applied it on my ends and dry area near my hairline. The leave-in and styling butter were the perfect combo for refreshing my curls during the week because surprisingly my curls definitely lasted an entire week! Each morning I would refresh with my hair with my water bottle and add a little leave-conditioner and styling butter on my ends and that did the trick.

Curl Gelee

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

Gels are a staple in my routine so I was eager to see how this product would work on my hair. The consistency is more like a custard. It’s made with the same base formula, plus macadamia seed, avocado butter, glycerin and apricot oils for added shine and hold. I scooped a bit out, raked it through my hair and then noticed my curls began to form. If you’re a wash n go’ kinda girl like myself this would be a perfect product for you. It left my curls with a natural sheen and definition without the sticky gel feeling.

Scrunch out the Crunch with DevaCurl Hi-Shine Oil Mist

The gel did leave a cast, which I appreciate so I know it has a good hold. Once my hair was dry I sprayed my hair with the DevaCurl High Shine Oil mist for softness and extra shine. Grabbed my pick and fluffed my roots for my final look.

 I tried the Oribe Collection for Highly Textured Hair and its Worth the Hype

Image: @queensconquer

Overall, I was very impressed with the hydration and longevity of this collection. I encourage naturalistas to give it a try even though it’s more expensive than our average hair care products. The formula is consistent and packed with nourishing ingredients that will help our fro’ flourish. It’s definitely worth the splurge. Not only did I go the entire week using this collection, it left my hair feeling moisturized, defined and bouncy , without flakes or build-up. Oribe did that, they created a highly textured collection for even the tighest coils and did it with integrity and intention.

Would you splurge on the Oribe Moisture & Control collection? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra is the Editor in Chief at NaturallyCurly who is an advocate for women entrepreneurs and inclusivity in media. Alexandra is passionate about empowering women to share their story and walk in their purpose. She is the founder of Queens Conquer, a branding and consulting firm for women in business. She strives to be a role model for girls and volunteers her time mentoring today’s youth to share her journey and importance of self-love, sisterhood and living limitlessly. In her spare time, you'll find her brunching with friends, hiking in the hills and cooking cajun cuisine.

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