On the Road with Monae Michelle Breyers Texture on the Runway Look

When you’re co-hosting an event with Amara la Negra, you’d better be prepared to bring it. For the event, Michelle wanted to take her curls to the next level.

We started by scouring the web for hairstyle inspiration, sending photos back and forth – even those that seemed unachievable. We decided on a look that was a little outside her comfort zone – big voluminous curls with toffee and caramel highlights. But when you’re hosting a major show like Texture on the Runway – a show that highlights creativity – you have to be willing to push the limits.

On the Road with Monae Michelle Breyers Texture on the Runway Look

Here are Monae’s step-by-step directions for how she created the look, for anyone who wants to achieve a similar style at home or bring it to their stylist.

  1. I ordered curly hair extensions from Kurly Klips with a texture very similar to Michelle’s natural texture. Since Michelle and I live on opposite sides of the country, I requested that she send me multiple photos of her hair in natural light. This would would assist me in inferring her natural hair length and hair color.
  2. Once receiving the extensions I lightened the clip-in hair extensions using the Pintura technique, which works best for curly hair. It allows me to hand paint the hair color where I’d like for it to be visible. I toned the lightened hair to perfect shades of toffee and carmel.
  3. I clipped in both bundles of extensions, which measured 20″ and 22″, to add fullness and volume. Since all curly hair appears shorter than its stretched length, I wasn’t surprised that this hair was only a little longer than Michelle’s natural hair.
  4. Once all of the clip ins were applied, I dampened her hair and applied the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control line to begin styling. I started with the Climate Control Leave-in and Detangling Heat Spray followed by Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. Next, I blow dried the hair with my BabylissPro Titanium Blowdryer.
  5. Once the hair was dry, I sprayed large sections of hair with the Oribe Soft Laquer Heat Spray. Next, I curled half-inch sections of hair with the BabylissPRO 3/4-inch Marcel Iron
  6. Then, I razor-cut the extensions for the best blend with Michelle’s natural curls.
  7. Last, I used a wide-toothed comb to back-comb the hair and capitalize on the now-achievable volume and fullness of Michelle’s hair.
  8. I finished the style with the Oribe Superfine hairspray.

Hype Hair was backstage at Texture On the Runway to capture the process behind the scenes, and you can watch the interview to see more!

Embedded content: https://www.facebook.com/hypehair/videos/325263464887848/UzpfSTE1NDkzNTYyODk6MTAyMTc0NTI2OTIxMzk3Njc/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdwUPxgZ-g61BEdZnl5tBAXY5UenT0myvh2iw1Pxms4EpA%3AAdzFfWbA9nrZcsK2hVRw2Iok3qiDaEZpKyp_khXls52zdQ

On the Road with Monae Michelle Breyers Texture on the Runway Look

About Monae: Monaé Everett’s client list reads like a who’s who of A-list celebrities: Serena and Venus Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Mariah Carey, Viola Davis, Connie Britton, H.E.R., Sofia Wylie, and Jess Hilarious. She was one of the artists featured on season 12 of “Project Runway.”

Everett’s first video showcases her work with Jasmine Cephas Jones to get her curls looking great for her promo shots for her upcoming press tour for her movie “Blindspotting.” Jones made her mark as part of the original cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical “Hamilton.” Everett shows off her techniques to get defined, voluminous curls.

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