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The Doux creator Maya Smith is back with the sweetest line ever, The Bee Girl Collection. This super-charged collection is infused with natural honey that can help boost shine, seal in moisture, and fight frizz. Each product also features aloe and vitamins B, C & E for strength, retention, and protection. Plus Keratin & Silk Amino Acids to keep curls poppin’. Maya is bringing the science of honey right to our doorstep with 8 products to keep our hair poppin’ and pristine for the summer weather. We got the chance to try a few products from this newest collection which is selling like hot cakes.

My Hair Type

My curls are a blend of type 3 and type 4 and have been in recovery since my infamous bleach blonde hair during the pandemic. I haven’t tried any products to date with honey so I’m interested to see how they will hold up in this blistering heat and if the use of honey based products will enhance my texture. This line is massive so I’m trying out the products in increments so I can measure all of the results in segments instead of trying to use them all at once.

First Step: Wash and Go

For my wash and go I wanted to start with the classics, the Super Sonic Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo works to clean your hair/scalp and smooth cuticles to boost shine, seal in moisture, and fight frizz. The Honey Conditioner has three uses, it can be a pre-poo, leave-in, and rinse-out conditioner based on your hair needs. It can detangle the curls and penetrate the cuticle to help protect, soothe, and strengthen your hair.

This was by far an astounding combination that left my hair looking flawless. The shampoo has a very light consistency that lathers up well and applies smoothly through the hair. The honey scent is light and not overwhelming so I don’t smell like a piece of candy. I chose to use it a leave-in conditioner instead of a rinse out in order to see how it complimented the shampoo for my wash…and it didn’t disappoint. Before I left I added the Honey Hair and Scalp Serum which aims to soothe and refresh the scalp. It applied easily from a tea dropper and felt hydrating and nourishing in my scalp. After I was done I had beautifully defined and frizz free curls that didn’t have a cast or film and a ton of bounce. 

Second Step: Refreshing Between Wash Days

We can always use a little touch-up between washes. Between my workouts, sweating, and just day-to-day maintenance I always need to add a mousse or refresher to my curls around mid-week since I do wash days on Sunday. I use the CrazySexyCurl Honey Setting Foam and was very happy with the results. The consistency has a medium texture of watery and foam with a strong scent of honey. It’s not as fluffy as a mousse but applies very easily into the curls. It can be used to detangle, define, set wash and go, or used for protective styles. This held up very well and made my curls defined and revived like I had never missed a wash day. No flaking, frizz, or build-up on my scalp made this foam an easy stand out in the collection.


Step 3: Co-washing and Custard

While co-washing can be a hit or miss for some people, I decided to use it to prep my hair for my weekend curls. I used The Doux’s One Love Co-Wash to help cleanse and detangle my hair and remove any build-up from the week. Afterward I applied the Honey Curl Custard to help hydrate, protect, and define my curls. The consistency of this product felt like a creamy gel that was very sticky and applied easily through my hair.


My curls started responding immediately and after some air drying were defined, fluffy, and voluminous. I will say I had some unexpected crunch and hardening in some parts of my curls so I recommend applying this with water to help the absorption. Overall I loved this collection and found it very satisfying for my curls.


What products are you interested in trying from this collection? Let us know in the comments below.