Stylist Talibah Stewart Tells Us The DIY Recipes that Make Your Hair Thrive

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Long before mass produced hair products were simple concoctions made right in the comforts of your own kitchen. Celebrity Hair stylist Talibah Stewart enjoys taking it back to basics by using her own homemade products on herself and her client’s hair. “I love all things natural even on chemically treated hair, meaning if its been relaxed, or dyed. I use DIY products because of its natural ingredients and the effects that it has on my hair and skin. With so many things causing cancer because of chemicals, I would rather stay as natural as possible.”

Stylist Talibah Stewart Tells Us The DIY Recipes that Make Your Hair Thrive

Talibah recognizes that homemade products can really lead to healthy and thriving hair. Here are some products she makes in her kitchen that help combat dry, dehydrated hair. “My products that are made are natural and help promote hair growth. I research natural ingredients all the time. I’m old school when it comes to hair. Growing up, we washed our hair every two weeks with a deep conditioner my mom would whip up in the kitchen. All my products are infused with vitamins, herbs, and natural oils, all of which can be found in your kitchen.”

Lemon & Rosemary Oil Pre-Shampoo

To address dry scalp and dandruff, try her Lemon & Rosemary oil pre shampoo treatment.

What you’ll need: 2 lemons, Fresh rosemary, a little olive oil, and a tint brush

Mix all 3 ingredients together in a bowl. Part your hair into 4 sections and use a tint brush to apply the mixture the on scalp. Sit under dryer for approximately 20-30 minutes. After the pre-shampoo treatment, you can proceed to your shampoo and conditioner regimen.

Lemons and rosemary have amazing benefits. Lemons are packed with Vitamin C. It also strengthens the hair follicles and acts as an astringent. The rosemary helps with an itchy scalp thus, promoting a healthy scalp.

Avocado & Honey Moisture Treatment

To address hydration, try her Avocado & Honey Moisture treatment

What you’ll need: 1-2 mashed avocados, depending on the length of hair and organic natural honey (organic natural honey looks like peanut butter. You can purchase it at Whole Foods”>.

Apply this treatment before you wash and condition your hair. After mixing the ingredients together in a bowl, divide your hair into 4 sections and apply the mixture evenly. Make sure your hair is wet. Place a plastic cap on your head to retain moisture and sit under a dryer for 20-30 minutes.

Honey and avocado are beneficial because honey gives hydration to the hair while the avocado adds shine. Avocado oil helps rejuvenate and moisturize the scalp. It is filled with rich proteins, amino acids and vitamins. It also helps soothe the scalp and promote long, strong, healthy hair growth.

Castor Oil & Olive Oil treatment

To prevent hair loss, try her fusion of Saltless Caster Oil (or Jamaican Castor Oil”> mixed with Olive Oil

Mix an equal amount of Virgin Olive Oil and Castor Oil. Apply a small amount to a clean, wet scalp or just your problem areas. Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that is known to fight inflammation. When applied to the scalp, it will enhance the health of the hair follicles while promoting hair growth and providing protection against hair loss. Olive Oil is known to add shine, body, and softness to a person’s hair.

Stylist Talibah Stewart Tells Us The DIY Recipes that Make Your Hair Thrive

Adding these natural DIY products into your hair regimen will promote strong, healthy hair. I know I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to beneficial products to use. If you want to keep up with Talibah and her natural hair products, you can visit her Instagram page. Her hair care line is perfect for both natural and processed hair.

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