![boyce 1]The Anti-Frizz Curly Hair Solution Youve Been Looking for is Finally Here

For some, frizz gives us the volume of our dreams and for others frizz is our biggest enemy. Boyce Clark, a scientist with a PhD in biogeochemistry and the single dad of a 12-year-old daughter, was intrigued by his daughter’s frizzy hair so he began researching everything he could to get to the bottom of all the factors that actually causes hair to frizz. He was curious to understand – what caused her hair to frizz? Why did her hair “grow” in humid air and get bigger the more we brushed it? He was on a mission to get to the root of bad hair days to stop frizz at the source, so he came up with a hair care solution called Lubricity Labs, a collection of hair products to combat frizz in even the most humid areas. Keep reading to learn more about this all natural anti-frizz hair collection that has set out to revolutionize the hair industry.

Tell us about Lubricity Labs . . . 

“I used my background in science to learn what causes frizz, and applied this understanding to creating an innovative line of anti-frizz products that are highly effective, but use only 100% naturally derived and cruelty-free ingredients. Because I started this journey to help my daughter solve a problem, I wasn’t willing to use any harsh toxins or chemicals that would potentially cause her any harm. And because every product we have is developed by me from the ground up, they are all scientifically proven to help build and maintain healthy hair from root to tip, and every single one of our ingredients has a purpose, so there are absolutely no fillers.”

![Gift of Smooth Set 700]The Anti-Frizz Curly Hair Solution Youve Been Looking for is Finally Here

Key Ingredients and Benefits

“Quinoa is a foundational ingredient in most of our products, because the proteins found in quinoa closely mirror the natural proteins found in our hair structure. This means that quinoa proteins are well suited to rebuilding the hair strand, filling in defects that cause hair to weaken and break, making the hair stronger, more durable, and less prone to damage caused by heat tools, aggressive brushing, or outside pollutants. I also love the nourishing effects of coconut, aloe and silk proteins – they add so much softness and shine to hair, it’s really amazing to see their transformative effects.”

For curly girls that want to embrace their natural hair, what products do you recommend for maximum definition? 

“Typically, when curly girls are seeking to embrace their natural body and texture, they struggle with dryness, which can cause breakage, as well as curls that lose their bounce and body. I love what our Q-Shampoo, Q-Condition and Q-Restore masque do for strengthening and hydrating hair – whether you’re using these products at home or taking them to your salon stylist for use during your appointments, these products are amazing at gently cleansing and conditioning without stripping hair of its natural oils, or weighing hair down with a heavy finish. Also, our S-Total Curl styling serum is an absolute MUST HAVE for curly girls – it’s one of my favorite products, because it uses a truly unique ingredient that’s derived from tapioca starch. This ingredient gently embraces the outside of the hair shaft, wrapping around the curl almost like a microscopic ribbon, to protect the curl against frizzing or fuzzing, while maintaining soft, touchable curls that spring back into action without any crunching.”

Frizz has been become less of a concern for curly girls, can you determine the difference between healthy and unhealthy frizz?

“Healthy frizz, or what we Louisiana folks call “fuzzing”, is something that’s caused by exposure to environmental factors, such as intense humidity. Ultimately, hair is healthy at its core – it’s shiny, soft, and strong – , it’s just prone to frizz or fuzz and gets “bigger” the longer someone is outside in a humid environment. Unhealthy frizz is anything that’s caused by what I call mechanical or chemical damage. Mechanical damage is caused with overuse of heat tools without using proper heat protection, as well as by things like aggressive brushing or towel drying; constant use of hair pulls, hats or clips; or even exposure to rough fabrics on pillow cases, which can cause hair to catch and tangle. Chemical damage is caused by repeated use of harsh chemical treatments that contain toxic ingredients. Chemically and mechanically damaged hair is easy to spot – hair is typically very dry, dull, difficult to manage, breaks easily, and is prone to split ends. When I see someone with damaged hair, I often want to approach them to offer help – life is too short to live with unhealthy hair!”

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