There’s a good reason silk and satin bonnets are the holy grail of natural hair protection. Sleeping in a bonnet means waking up with less frizz, breakage, and many other pesky hair issues caused by the friction of our pillowcases. Oh, and did we mention that the gentle fabric won’t ruin your hairstyle? 

Instead of tossing and turning against the abrasive fabric of low-thread count pillowcases that can absorb your hair’s moisture, it’s best to keep your natural locks wrapped up within a world of gentle and caring silk or satin.

What’s the difference between silk and satin?

Silk is a natural fiber from silkworms, while satin is a synthetic weave. Despite differences in origin, both fabrics are similar in feel, appearance, and, most importantly – benefits. Silk can be more expensive as it’s a natural fiber, you can read more about the differences between silk and satin here.

Today’s iteration of silky scarves and head wraps have come a long way from the simple silk wraps of the past. Now, we have a wide selection of stylish, glamourous bonnets to choose from. But just to help you pick the best, we’ve hunted down some industry and customer favorites:

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

Vernon Francois: Francois Sleep-in Cap

Price: $25.00

Famed for his work in the natural hair movements, Vernon Francis knows what works. Interestingly, these are the caps that he uses in his salon. So, if you’d like to take that professional edge home, treat yourself to one of these slick, 100% silk, and easy to apply night-time bonnets. The adjustable ribbon lets you tie and tighten this for a snug fit. 

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

Kitsch: Satin Sleep Cap

Price: $24.00

Say bye-bye to bedtime hair and bad hair days with this simple yet chic satin charmeuse sleep cap. We’re taking our du-rag game up a few notches with this bonnet that’s specifically designed to enhance your natural hair’s health. This cap is high end yet affordable, so snap it up!

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

Imani Beauty Boutique: Satin Lined Anakara Nefertiti Bonnet 

Price: $18.00

Give your curls the royal treatment they deserve with this gorgeous, fit-for-a-queen bonnet. Coming in three different sizes depending on the length of your hair, the Anakara bonnet can take on any hairstyle, from big weaves, crotchets, and all the way to simple twists. No matter what the style, it’s sure to be protected and perfected under the reviving wraps of this silky satin-lined bonnet. Imani Beauty Boutique is owned by a Black-owned beauty supply store that sells products made by Black creators.

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

Evolves Exotic: Satin Sunset Bonnet 

Price: $3.49

Here’s the classic. The go-to bonnet that’s easy to take on the go. The natural, simplistic beauty of this timeless bonnet is what makes it so irresistible. Forget the fuss; this bonnet aims to protect your hair at all costs using its high-quality satin-sturdy design fusion. And all that comes with a price tag that won’t break the bank!

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

SILKE London Hair Wrap: The Eva 

Price: $65.50

This 100% silk hair wrap is styled like a classic turban with all the trapping of modern-day hair care. Its minimalist design hides a world of hair-friendly features, such as the unique ability to condition hair overnight naturally. As if that wasn’t enough, the Eva promises to bring harmony to oily roots and dry ends by wicking away and providing just the right amount of moisture. And once you roll out of bed in the morning, expect to find your hair as you left it last night – still fully styled, tamed, and ready to take on the day. And to top it all off, the cap’s effortless elasticated style makes it simple to whip on and whip off.

The Best Bonnets for Sleeping with Natural Hair

Glow by Daye: Afro Geo Print Satin Bonnet

Price: $19.99

This refined bonnet has it all—versatility, strength, softness, and so much more. In fact, the designers of this Afro-inspired are so sure of its abilities; they claim its high-grade satin can thicken your hair overnight! However, perhaps more seductive still is that the bonnet is fully reversible, meaning fewer washes and more time for you to focus on perfecting your tresses in the morning!

Finally …

If you want to get the most out of your silk-satin bonnets, be sure to apply some leave-in conditioner, oil, wax, or whatever else gives your hair life before slipping it on! That way, your hair can revitalize throughout the night while you catch some beauty sleep – perfect!

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