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Image Source: @devrivelazquez

When I heard the news about my new favorite Brazilian and women-owned salon in Harlem, Beleza Natural, launching a new product line catered to curlies like myself, of course I had to go, learn, and support.

I first heard about Beleza Natural, a Harlem-based salon owned by two Brazilian female entrepreneurs, when I took an Airbnb Experience Tour of the neighborhood. The last stop was the salon, where I indulged myself in a super rich deep conditioning treatment that my curls desperately needed.

Recently I was invited back to Beleza Natural to check out the launch of their latest product line, Mix It Up, where I sat in awe of the presentation, full of information and insight that I hadn’t known in almost a decade of being in the beauty industry, as well as a live demonstration of the products at work with a woman who had a similar hair texture to mine.

Beleza Natural’s story is truly one that encompasses struggle and triumph. Started by two fierce women in Brazil who decided they couldn’t find what their community needed in the current market, twenty years, 130,000 clients, and 3,000 employees later, New York City became the first international branch in 2017 with a growing popularity amongst the natural hair community across the city.

The Mix it Up collection features a range that considers people who follow No and Low Poo, paraben-free, vegetable-based, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and cruelty-free regimens. The fun part of the collection is that it is customizable based on ingredients, which is important since we all have hair that is specific to us as individuals. I got to see a head of coily hair be transformed by a shampoo, emollient treatment, lipids, minerals, protein, and vitamins concentrate. Then, the stylist applied a Mix it Up styling product. In the line, there are two to choose from: Curl Enhancing Cream, which contains myrica wax and passion flower extract for high detangling power, and the Curly Hair Definer, which has peach extract and gelatin for a light, differentiated hold for loose hold and water retention.


The purpose of Beleza Natural’s new Mix it Up collection is meant to emphasize the importance of feeding your natural texture with health and nutrition in mind. The presentation came fully equipped with a nutritionist, Maya Feller who explained the benefits of the specific ingredients used in this formula, like quinoa protein, pistachio butter, amaranth, olive and cotton oils, ginger and berry extracts.

I had the pleasure of trying the customized formula on my own type 3c/4a curls, and I have to say, I am in love with the results. My hair has been feeling depleted of moisture and natural oils, and the combination of lipids and protein really defined my curl pattern without weighing my volume down or making my hair stiff. The curl definer was lightweight and helped my definition last for 3 full days before I washed again. On wash day, the shampoo had a pleasant fragrance that I went to bed with and didn’t strip my hair or leave it feeling dry. I followed up the next morning with an oil treatment using the macadamia and pistachio butter mix, and my curls are basking in their juiciness right now.

If you’re located in NYC, I recommend checking out Beleza Natural Salon and invest in their products if you want a custom-made treatment kit that won’t let your curls down for days on end. The Mix it Up formula is recommended once a week for extremely dry or damaged hair like mine, so I’ll keep you posted about my results over time!