This spring, there are a ton of exciting new hair trends to choose from. You can go for a drastic move, like chopping off all your hair, or try something with a little less commitment, like a simple hair ribbon.

Here are 10 of the hottest spring hair trends for 2019, according to the runways, trendsetters, and beauty experts.

Spring Twists

spring twists 700

Image: @braidsbyaja

Spring twists are a natural, protective style that use coily hair extensions to create a springy and twisty hairstyle. It’s different from other twists because of the texture of the hair used to install it. Spring twist hair is a wavy pattern that is thick and has to be separated to create the style. Spring twists are great for every time of year. While installing the style will take resilience, the end result will be sure to wow you.

Pixie Cuts

Image: @thecutlife

If you’ve been dying to cut off all your hair, now is the perfect time for a fresh start, because pixie cuts are in this spring! There are so many good reasons to go shorter – you remove damaged hair and cut your styling time in half. Plus, you’ll get to feel the breeze on your neck all summer long.

Copper Hair Color


If you have naturally brown hair, copper is the way to go. They can work well for practically any hair type and skin tone.

“I’ve found that copper highlights complement most skin tones and add a nice dimension and contrast to dark brown hair,” Los-Angeles hairstylist Cherin Choi explained to Refinery29.

Temporary Color


Unusual, experimental hair colors were all the rage last year, and this year is no different. Try something truly off-the-wall, like orange or gold. You don’t have to commit to several months of bleaching and dying and touch-ups, either. Temporary hair colors are more advanced than ever; they actually work and they’re easy to remove. Some fan favorites include Hair Paint Wax or Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Spray.

Curly Bangs


Curly bangs used to be a disaster zone. Now, cutting bangs into curls is practically standard procedure. This year, super long bangs that graze the eyebrows are on trend. Yes, you may have to trim your bangs every two seconds so that you can actually see out of your eyeballs, but the mysterious, artsy look will be worth it.

Super-Long Braid

Image: @tylauren

This spring, slick your hair back into a long – like really long – braid. Obviously, you’ll need to add extensions, but this is a low-maintenance and quick hairstyle, even for those who don’t have great braiding skills.

Flower Accessories

Image: @saharaya

When you picture flower accessories, your mind may go straight to Coachella. But flower crowns were a thing way before Coachella even existed. This spring, take inspiration from the ‘90s instead.

Hair Barrettes


This nostalgic hair accessory is a curly girl essential for those wild flyaways or simply adding some glam to your everyday style. Whether you go with exposed bobby pins, metallic snap clips or rhinestone hair pins you’ve got endless options to step your hair game this season.

Embracing Natural Gray Hair


Embracing your hair as it naturally grows out of your head also includes embracing your gray. It's amazing to witness women of all ages, textures and backgrounds embrace their gray hair with grace.

Braided Bob

Image: @khatbrim/

Spring usually calls for a fresh do’ and box braids are always in style. Keep it short and sweet with a braided bob.

Are you hoping to try any new hairstyles this spring? What’s your inspiration? Tell us in the comments!