According to Silicone Inspiring Innovations, the chemical pillars of silicones are silicon and oxygen and they can be water-soluble and non-soluble. They are quite effective in hair products and offer many benefits like shine and manageability of your tresses. They can give your hair that silky feeling, are great for slip, which helps with detangling and combatting frizz. The non-soluble ones can create a film or buildup on your strands that require a cleanse to properly remove and one of the reasons some steer clear of them.

Are silicones bad? Well, it truly depends on whom you ask and how their hair tolerates them. If you are an avid co-washer I would opt out, but if you shampoo weekly, then the buildup may not be an issue. Silicones can be found in beauty products, and for the average consumer it may be hard to know all of them, but the Good Hair Diaries on Curly Nikki says that “most ingredients ending in “cone”, “col”, “conol” or “zane” are more than likely a silicone.”

If you are noticing more buildup than usual and think you need to step back from the ‘cones’, then check out the 20 top silicone-free daily conditioners that will give you the slip you crave without the buildup you hate.

Top 20 Silicone-Free Daily Conditioners

Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner

This lovely scented daily conditioner has aqueous extracts of organic rosemary and peppermint, polyquaternium-11(conditioning agent”>, fatty acids, glyceryl stearate (coconut”>, and stearalkonium chloride (mixed plant oils”> as the first five ingredients. You get weightless body and shine with massive amounts of slip. The rosemary and peppermint will make your scalp tingle and come alive.