For.ti.fy’d Naturals — a vegan natural hair care line that handmakes their products daily and uses all natural ingredients that prevent product buildup on your hair. For.ti.fy’d Naturals places an emphasis on hydration, using the “True Hydration Technology” — the process of using carefully selected ingredients with small molecules to penetrate the hair strand to lock in hydration without product buildup.

It was washday for me and my hair was in desperate need of some moisture. The weather has been pretty cold (well, cold for Texas”>, so my hair definitely needed a good deep condition. I’ll take you through the three products I used from the Fortify Naturals line, and what I thought of each.

A few things before we start:

  • Hair type: I have 3c-4a hair, but according to For.ti.fy’d Naturals, their products can be used on all hair types, which is great!
  • Price: I would say Fortify’d Naturals lies in the middle price point of natural hair care products. The three products I used were $12-$17 each.
  • Smell: If you’re sensitive to smells, be careful with this product. I’ll explain more later!


Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay:

Before washing my hair, the first step was to use the For.ti.fy’d Naturals Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Mask. I’m familiar with clay masks on your face, but I’ve never used a clay mask on my hair. Because the product comes as a loose clay, it can be a little intimidating when you first look at it, but the directions are very easy to follow.

The clay mask has multiple benefits, including removing product buildup, detoxing the hair and scalp, aiding in detangling, and restoring moisture — all things that I aim for when taking care of my curly hair.

All you need is a plastic or wooden spoon and bowl, water, and Apple Cider Vinegar, if you have it. Following the instructions, you’ll end up mixing it all together and adding the concoction to your wet, unwashed hair. Fair warning — creating the mask can get a little messy, so make sure you have a towel nearby to wipe off an extra product on your hands and face.

The mask won’t feel moisturizing when it’s on (because it hardens a bit, like a face mask would”>, but when I rinsed it out after 20 minutes, I was blown away. Not only were my curls hydrated and defined, but my hair and scalp felt so clean — before I had even shampooed my hair! Another benefit is that you only need a couple of scoops of product to make the mask, so you’ll get plenty of uses out of it. I sometimes dread wash day, but this product makes it worth it.

Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner:

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

I love a strong, hydrating leave-in conditioner, especially in the winter time. After washing my hair with the EDEN BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Curl Hydration Shampoo, I added the For.ti.fy’d Naturals Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner — and it might be my favorite new leave-in conditioner! Similar to the mask, the leave-in conditioner left my scalp feeling fresh and tingly, thanks to Tea Tree Oil, which serves as one of the key ingredients in the product. According to Fortify’d Naturals, the tea tree oil will also “help create and maintain a sanitary and healthy environment for growth to occur because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.”

Another key ingredients is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, which “coats strands as it nourishes and smoothes hair cuticles”, while retaining moisture and volume. This product was incredibly hydrating for my hair — but I will say that the smell of the product is very strong. It’s not a bad smell (it’s a cross between tea tree oil and almond extract, in my opinion”>, but if you don’t like strong smells, you might not like this product.

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

Me after using the leave-in conditioner. My curls felt soft and easy to work with when it came to detangling.

Intense Hydrating Potion:

Tried it For.ti.fyd Naturals

After detangling my hair and letting the Leave-In Conditioner set, I started to begin the process of twisting my hair into 5-6 strands around my head, which is what I normally do after shampooing, conditioning, and detangling my hair. According to For.ti.fy’d Naturals, their Intense Hydrating Potion is “The LOC Method in one bottle” — which definitely peaks my interest as someone who swears by the LOC method for my styles.

After adding the potion to my hair and then twisting it, I let my twists for about 14+ hours. The potion dried incredibly fast, where after 8 hours of sleep, my hair was almost dry, which rarely happens. After taking my twists down, my hair was incredibly soft and manageable.

For.ti.fy’d Naturals definitely delivered on their hydration promise and I will use the clay mask and leave-in conditioner again! Have you used For.ti.fy’d Naturals? What’s your favorite?


Sydney Greene is a journalist based in Austin, Texas, who covers politics and policy by day, and all things natural hair and beauty by night. Her natural hair journey started two years ago when she transitioned from relaxed to natural hair — one of the most life-changing parts of her personal journey thus far. Sydney enjoys finding new ways to enjoy her natural hair and wants to help other naturalistas find the power in their curls and coils.