Cassidy Blackwell

As a long time member of the NaturallyCurly community, I've seen many a forum thread and blog post about ayurvedic hair treatments and remedies, but the intricacies of the herbs and names and terminologies always put me off.

Recently, however, I found myself inspired to learn more and perhaps even try it out. After reading a few more articles and talking with some friends, I discovered that a true ayurvedic regimen is holistic in practice, meaning that in order to achieve the balance that an ayurvedic lifestyle encourages, one cannot just pay attention to hair. You have to look at diet, digestion, skin, sleep and exercise. I decided that if I was going to learn about ayurveda and implement the treatments and regimens, I wanted to dig deep into the history and practices and figure out a regimen that would be suited to my particular needs rather than just testing out the various recipes I've seen posted around.

One of my friends I spoke with sent me a DVD called "Ayurveda: The Art of Being," which introduces viewers to the basic principles of ayurveda while narrating the stories of ayurvedic patients being treated by doctors with generations upon generations of training in this unique practice. I was impressed by the profound knowledge of the practitioners and their customized regimens. The more I learned, the more I realized that as a novice, I might be in over my head trying to decipher ancient Sanskrit therapies and trying to figure out herbal blends to match my body's unique composition. If there is one thing I know about myself it's that I am no medical professional and as a hair blogger, I'm a subpar mixtress. My solution: find a professional!

Introducing Elena!

This Adventures in Ayurveda series is going to document my experience from start to finish as I learn about, use and review the practices and my curls like them!

Through my network in San Francisco, I was able to connect with Elena Irueta, an Ayurvedic Health Coach and Educator. I explained to her that I was looking to expand my knowledge of ayurvdea, develop a regimen geared towards a beauty and give it a whirl for a few weeks to see what it was all about. She enthusiastically agreed to the project and we'll be meeting next week to kick things off! In order to properly devise my regimen, Elena has to take a look at my medical history and current lifestyle first.

This Adventures in Ayurveda series is going to document my experience from start to finish as I learn about, use and review the practices and see how they flow with my lifestyle and of course, see how my curls like them!  Stay tuned for the next installation in the series after I meet with Elena and see what we come up with!

As a fun side note, Elena's also a curly who always straightens her hair. I think that we curlies should share some of our knowledge with her as she shares hers with us!

Are you interested in an adopting an Ayurvedic hair care routine or do you already have one?