As a low porosity natural, product application can be a very long and arduous task. The foaming of products, the little white balls of product and literally having the product slide off of your hair and into the sink can quickly get annoying and layering is something one can only dream of.

There isn’t a lot you can do to change the porosity of your hair, but, as always, you can accept it and learn to work with it. If you have low porosity hair, then try these simple tips to help your products absorb better.

  1. Apply product to damp hair. Just after washing, your hair has absorbed a lot of water and will therefore find it hard to absorb anything else. By allowing your hair to dry and let go of some of the water, it will be able to absorb more product.
  2. Use a detangling comb or brush. After applying your product, it is imperative that it is distributed properly throughout your hair to prevent one part from having too much product and just sitting on your hair. After applying your product, grab a detangling comb or brush and run it through your hair gently from tip to root.
  3. Squeeze out the excess. If you know that the product you use has a tendency to turn white or if you use too much and it takes forever and a day to dry, then get rid of the excess. This step does not require you washing out the product, but is as simple as grabbing a small section of hair and sandwiching it between your index and middle finger then running your finger down the hair gently to slide the excess product off of your hair. Do this to as many sections as needed until your hair no longer has the white foamy look or until the little white balls of product disappear.
  4. Smooth your hair. For heavier, thicker products like butters, where the excess cannot be squeezed out, smooth it in. Grab a small section of your hair and place it between your palms then run your hands down the length of your hair and keep going until the product disappears.

Porosity Check

Your hair’s inability to absorb product and react well to them could be as a result of other things besides low porosity, such as damage and product build up. So to find out if your hair is really low porosity, test it by getting a shed hair from your head, brush or comb right after cleansing and a glass of water. Drop it in the glass of water and observe it. If it takes forever before it sinks, then you are a low porosity natural.

Cherry Lola Treatment

While it is impossible to change the porosity of your hair without damaging it, you can help to lift your cuticles safely and temporarily for better product absorption. Products that are alkaline in nature have the ability to temporarily lift the hair’s cuticle. Baking soda, which is alkaline, can be used for this purpose after cleansing your hair by mixing it with water and applying it to your hair then rinsing. This is called the “cherry lola treatment.”

After the treatment, you can apply product. With your cuticles raised, it will be easier for your hair to absorb product. Once you are done, you will need to reseal your cuticle to prevent frizz, which you can easily do with something acidic like aloe vera gel.

This may seem like a lot of work, but if you are a textured tressed lady whose hair refuses to dry, and who can’t leave the house for hours after styling because of white product-ridden hair, then try the tips above and report back.

If you have other tips that work for you then let me know below. As always, remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss!