NaturallyCurly member Rudeechick from the CurlTalk message boards has a new method for getting hair to clump


OK, so at the request of one of my fave Curlys, I am posting this method. FYI: I have very, very thick, 3A (3B in spots) medium porosity and medium texture hair.

Any who, I have A LOT of hair; I have always found that when I scrunch product in, while it does promote curl formation, it also breaks them up, resulting in massive volume, with thinner separated curls. Last summer I had success with the Denman as far as creating clumps, but they were generally "pulled out" clumps, due to the brushing.

I wanted both my coils AND my clumps — I have found that with this method, I can have both, and with pretty much any product combos that are "good" for my hair.

I suggest reading this through these tips and explanations before viewing the video at the end. OK, so here goes:

  • Basically, I do my thing in the shower (co-wash, rinse out, conditioner).
This is one of several articles that came from the great people in the CurlTalk message boards. These articles are a labor of love from those in the community who just want to help everyone have the best curly hair around.
  • Next, I rake through my leave-in (if I am using one) and then my curl cream (I refer to these as "base coats").
  • This next step can be done either while still in the shower or out, standing by the sink. The sink method is messier, but I get better covergae and thus better clumps, the shower can be done, but you have to make sure you REALLY fill those palms with water.
  • I step out of the shower and to the sink; I brush my base coats through my hair thoroughly with the Denman: first the nape, then the back of my head (some sectioning/lifting is required due to my volume), then the temples and crown.
  • Always brush (whether with this method or otherwise) with CAUTION: Use products with slip, good quality brushes and combs, and if you hit a knot/snarl DO NOT PULL. This is even more important for those who may be more prone to breakage (those with fine/dry/damaged hair, etc)
  • Next I use the Denman to "place" my hair (ie: Left Part, Right Part, etc.)
  • Next (this is important), I do a final brushing of the crown, OUT AND AWAY FROM MY SCALP. This is CRUCIAL to avoid the dreaded Flat-Top.
  • Last step (this is where the clumps come in), I lean over the sink to one side, cup my hands under running water, and gently scrunch palmfuls of water into my hair. Repeat to the other side (those with bangs or shorter crown layers, get those too!) Don't scrunch firm and tight like you are creating curls, but slowly and softly to really soak the hair.
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I appreciate the making of this video. it was very informative! Unfortunately, the person shooting the video was all over the place zooming in & out unnecessarily. I wish they would have just kept the camera stationary. It definitely took away from what she was trying to show! thanks for the tut all the same!

Great article and video. Kinda silly that everyone commented on the water, use your own discretion at home when running your watee. She was making a videp to help other curlies out!! Love it! I dont own a brush though, is that totally necessary? I have a lot more hair (3b) , super thick.

Jeez, Rudeechick takes the time to make a video to help her fellow curlies out, and half of you snip at her for the running water. I'm sure she had alot going on in her mind trying to get this video right for YOU. I really doubt she wastes that much water every day. I at least will say, thank you for taking the time to make the video, Rudee, without qualifying my thankyou with a complaint.

LOVE it! Thank you :) I will try this! Curl Keeper product would be perfect for this method as well. Product really is the key once you get techniques down and that is totally trial and error since nobody is exactly the same (which is the awesome thing about us curlie heads!) I would also use the duckbill clips around the crown. I find that clumping is better with air dry than diffusing but this time of year maybe not so realistic. Also, took no offense and was not distracted by the running water. Please.

ABOUT THE VIDEO: 1. Why was water running when applying base coats and combing?! Useless and wasteful! 2. Method shows potential, will try after next cleansing. ADVICE REQUEST: 1. "Plopping" is wrapping hair in a curl-friendly towel and letting it sit on top of your head (like with the Aquis Mimi's Diva Dryer Hair Turban), right? Sorry, still young to the curly life. 2. Does it matter if I plop longer (i.e. 20-30 mins.)? I do not diffuse but like my hair to be as dry as possible when left to air-dry and I have LOTS of 3b hair. 3. I've heard plopping frizzes hair, fact or myth? My hair is frizzy as it is, does not need a boost so please enlighten me on this... Thanks!

I actually feel offended by the wreckless waste of water in this video. What a shame.

LILSOCKMONKEY: "NaturallyCurly member Rudeechick from the CurlTalk message boards has a new method for getting hair to clump" So clearly yes, they say it's a new technique. Glad that it's getting more exposure though to those who never visit the boards- you should! There's a ton of great advice over there all the time :-). INFINITY12: I also have thin hair, and I've had that problem too. What I do is not necessarily add as much water as Rudee does- I don't cup my hands under running water- just get my hands wet with droplets of water rather than puddles, and scrunch it in this way. So I add less water, and when done water scrunching, you try raking out the clumps just a little bit and separating them. I CANNOT PLOP at all because my hair can't handle it- way too clumpy and weird formation, so instead I use a flour sack towel and use that to scrunch out excess moisture- this will keep clumps looking nice, but also breaks them up some and keeps it bouncy by taking away more of the excess moisture that can weigh us wavies down :-). Try it!

I must be doing something wrong! I got too mant clumps. My hair is extremly thin, so I should only wind up with 12 clumps tops....not 100. I now look like Roseanne Rosnnadana. How would you work with getting very sparse (I'm going bald) 2b hair to clump?

Thanks so much Rudee, It was really nice of you to takethe time out to demo this. I have been trying it in different ways (using different products, plopping/not plopping, etc...) and I have to say that this is transformational!!! A few years back when I was in Devachan in NY for a cut, the assistant who washed my hair used a similar method while she was rinsing. I was never fullable to replicate b/c I lost the connection with the dowsing of water. It really makes the clumps happen but you have to "let it be" after that. I have had some of the best curly days of my life since trying this. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

great technique but I agree w some of the others who commented on the amount of water - I found it hard to focus at times because all I could hear was the water running! Thank you for the tips!

hmm... did they say it's a "new" technique? actually i'm really glad that this was posted in an article because otherwise i wouldn't have known about it since i don't really frequent the boards. i like hearing about new techniques but i'm not really much of a message-board person...

I think it's hilarious how this is considered a "new" method! Rudee came up with this AGES ago, like, years if I'm correct? I know because it's how I've gotten so much success with my hair and I've been doing this method (via Rudee!) for at LEAST a year to two years. I guess when writers get desperate for topics they turn to the boards! Could you guys write a new article on all the new CJ products and how that's going and plans for future products? That'd be a nice article! ;-)

I like your hair. I think it can be achieved easier and with less waste....when you put in your leave in conditioners and your gell, just allow your hair to naturally section (or pull together several little sections) itself off and run your fingers from the roots to the ends of each section and you can even just twist it a little, then allow it to dry. They'll stay in clumps with nice spirals. Also, I agree, please shut off the water until you really need to use it.

a list of the products you're using (including the towel) would be SO helpful. additionally was anyone else bothered by how much water was wasted in this video? maybe i'm just a crazy environmentalist but letting the tap run and run and run while you're squeezing gel and talking and NOT using any water = really wasteful!

I love your video and thorough instructions. I have surrendered to my curly hair and am anxious to learn curly hair care. I have never heard of the products you use or the "plop". Thanks for the great info!!!!

I've been blowing and straightening my hair for two years. I am now going curly again. I thank you for this video. Very helpful. I want to try this method. I have NEVER plopped my hair before. I think you need to demo how you wrap the hair! Hair wrapping for dummies if you will!

I really love your method and I think I'll give it a shot! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. The only thing I don't like is the running water lol! I think filling up the sink would be just as effective and less wasteful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

love your hair!! i have one question though.. is the plopping and diffusing necessary for this method? you see, i have shoulder length 3a/b curls a little more b than a, and my hair loves plopping just that it later looks shorter than normal.

Ruddeechic, Thanks for showing us how your get your gorgeous curls!! I'm curious to know how often do you cleanse and with what? and do you always use the leave in condtioner every day when you condtion? thanks again! I'm jealous of those big clumps of curls. Tracy