What many woman with out of control curly hair don’t realize is that most of the effort they’re putting into making their hair perfect actually causes more harm than good.

Good curly hair care is all about treating your curls right and finding out what works best for them. You and your curly hair are a team, and if you can’t work together, then you better prepare yourself for hard times coming up ahead.

Skip the Shampoo Often!

The first big mistake that many curly haired goddesses make is washing their hair everyday. This strips the natural oils from your hair making it more difficult to maintain. Find a shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for curly hair. It makes all the difference in the world, trust me. When you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair, dab and finger dry your hair. This will help reduce frizz and fly away curls that often occur when towel drying or blow drying out your curls.

Put Down the Heat Stylers NOW!

The worst thing you can do to your curly hair is heating it up. Anything that is too hot will suck all the moisture right out of your twirly tresses faster than you’ll notice. This includes hot water, blow dryers, straightening irons — anything.
Wash your hair in warm water. If you're going to blow dry or straighten your hair, I cannot stress how important it is to use a heat protector to help minimize the damage. My personal preference is to let my hair air dry and lightly scrunch it with my fingers. This leaves a great naturally healthy look to your style.
DON'T touch your curls after they’ve dried! Once you’ve styled your hair, leave it alone. I’m being serious here. Even though you might want to continue styling and playing with your curls, resist the temptation. Touching your tresses after they’ve already been styled is the best way to ruin your hard work.

Never Put a Brush to Your Curls!

For the love of god, DON’T BRUSH YOUR CURLS! This is a basic of good curly hair care. Brushing breaks up the cuticles in the hair. Use your fingers to untangle your hair, or a wide toothed comb. This will keep the hair looking fresh and won’t break up the natural composition of your curls.

Stay Away from Alcohol - On Your Hair!

Drink your alcohol — don’t put it in your hair. Avoid all hair products that contain alcohol. When alcohol comes in contact with your hair, it reacts chemically and dries it out. This will make it brittle and add to a certain level of frizz-factor that no girl wants.

Want More?

Stop making these mistakes and start implementing these styling secrets for your waves, curls or kinks!

Final Thoughts

These are a few off my favorite curly hair care tricks for minimizing frizz and keeping my hair in control when it starts to develop a life of it own. What are yours?