Dove's New Hair Makeover Girl is Curly!

2011-12-13 10:07:28

Dove's New Hair Makeover Girl is Curly!

Dove Hair's new "Make Friends with Your Hair" commercial premieres tonight with a real curly girl.

Brittany Delaware

Dove Hair's new "Make Friends with Your Hair" commercial will premiere tonight, Monday Dec. 12, at 8:30 p.m. ET, showcasing a "real" woman who's hair will have been made-over by Dove products rather than a model.

To win the spot in the commercial, contestants were required to submit a video and share their issues with their "dry, unpredictable hair." Three finalists were chosen from the group, and then America voted on which of the three contestants needed the most help.

No surprise, the winner was a curly (as were two of the three finalists)., 23 of Teleford, PA, sported an afro style in her finalist video, singing about how dry and unmanageable her hair is, how long it takes her to straight it, and how embarrassed she is of it. To us, it looks like the afro of a lot of our dreams — but to each her own.

In the advertisement airing tonight, viewers will get to see how Dove Nourishing Oil Care transforms Brittany's type 4 curls from "dry, rough and frizzy" to "soft, smooth and shiny." We're assuming that means they are straightening it. Insert sad face here.

For those of you out there wanting to make friends with your hair, or for Mandy from WN, the other curly finalist, here are some tips to help you make friends with your hair — curls and all!

Brittany's Dove transformation to soft, smooth and silky - straight. We called it. What do you think?
  1. For dry curls: Oil is your best friend here, ladies. Rose oil, Moroccan oil, coconut oil, you name it will all do wonders for your dry curls. Here's what's up: because your hair is curly, the natural oils from your head that would otherwise coat straighter strands has trouble making it down your curls. No big deal — just add oil! Simply apply a bit to your hands and rub through your hair. Continue this process daily, unless you notice that your hair is getting too greasy, and your cry curls will quickly turn soft and hydrated.
  2. For frizzy curls: Frizz is often a by-product of dryness. Avoid the frizz by making sure that your hair is properly hydrated. The curlier your hair, the less you should shampoo and the MORE you should condition. Co-washing is a great option for curlies. Simply wash your hair with a water-soluble conditioner (i.e. one that doesn't contain silicones). By avoiding shampoo and only using conditioner, you aren't stripping your hair of natural oils, and you are filling in the holes (curly hair is extremely porous) with moisture. Now you hair won't frizz up in search for hydration! Also, apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week to help seal in moisture and keep the frizz at bay.
  3. For shiny curls: Shiny curls are healthy curls, plain and simple. When you properly moisturize by co-washing, deep conditioning and sealing with oil, you hair will shine like your over zealous neighbor's christmas lights. Also, be sure that you are aware of what you are putting in your hair. Avoid silicones and opt for more all-natural products that are water-soluble so that co-washing can work it's magic without having to beat out any over-processed chemicals.

Want More?

Watch the finalist videos and let us know if you have any personal hair care tips for these curly ladies in want of making peace with their strands!

Final Thoughts

We'll be tuning in this evening to catch the commercial, if only to see how Dove Nourishing Oil Care works and what it can do for both curls and straight strands. After all, we know oil is a miracle product for curls, so here's to hoping Dove knows it, too!




Very disappointed. Straight hair doesn't equal better hair. I wish they would have kept the curls since that is her natural hair type. UGH.
I was also hoping to see her curls under control. I've used the Intensive Repair Conditioner to co-wash my hair back before they changed the packaging and felt it was just as good, if not a little better than the Aussie Moist. I think as far as dong a curly style is concerned, us curlies will use products in what may be considered "non-traditional" ways eg. use a conditioner as a styler, etc. While I think there are Dove products capable of achieving a curly style I think they don't want to promote potentially using their products in a "non-traditional" way. Its only non-traditional until they change the directions on the label.
I was totally surprised since I thought her hair was really flattering before!
I hate it when this happens.... NC should start a petition here and send it to dove :P
Totally disappointed, too, though I can't say that I didn't expect it. She looks like a completely different person. And, I also noticed that they straightened the other curly too, whose hair wasn't even bad! I would be happy for those curls! Why is it that "predictable" or "not dry" hair is always portrayed by the media as synonymous with straight hair? #annoying
not at all what i was expecting for the finished product. i thought they'd manage her curly hair, not straighten it. i'm kind of disappointed.
They left her with a bit of a wave but it is not her texture. She looks good but I would have really liked to see frizz control with her natural hair. They straightened the other curly too.