Fine hair tangles easily, can appear invisible when strands go astray and frizzes in its own special, halo-esque way. Fine, thin hair can be frustratingly sparse, but fine hair is also delicate, soft, whisper-light, and ethereal. It is not, however, less strong than coarser hair. As a result, you’ll need to look for special hair products for fine hair.

Treat your fine hair to protein if it can handle it by using lightweight moisturizers like aloe, panthenol, glycerin, sorbitol, and light oils and conditioners. For the most part, you should rinse out your conditioner completely, unless your hair is also very dry. Use volumizing products to add fullness without weighing things down. Never feel your hair is missing something because it is fine. Instead, start noticing fine hair around you and in the media. Add some positive words about fine hair to your vocabulary. Trust us, you’re in good company.

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