It’s wash day again and time to stretch your kinks into a defined braid-out, or maybe this is the week you have the patience to try mini-twists to protect your hair from the winter weather.

Whichever style you decide to rock, you first need to have these five necessary hair tools to take your hair to ultimate fabulosity. Having these tools in your hair arsenal will keep your hair tangle-free and allow it to retain length during the cold.

Your Go-To Kinky Hair Tools

  1. Wide Tooth Comb. While you are inside of the shower and conditioning your hair, it’s easy to guide a wide tooth comb through your kinks to detangle.  Start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots.  A seamless comb prevents snagging, which you can find at any beauty supply store for under five dollars. If you have more money to spend, try Ouidad’s Double Detangler.
  2. Plastic Hair Cap. Deep conditioning is a kinky girl’s best friend when dealing with the dryness of winter, and a plastic hair cap (or “baggie””> is a simple solution to pampering your hair. Fifteen minutes under a hair dryer and the knots will melt away.  For those who want to avoid sitting under a dryer, you can wrap a towel on top of the baggie and use your body heat to soften your tangles instead.
  3. Butterfly Clips. Once your hair has passed the TWA stage, detangling your hair all at one time can be overwhelming. Butterfly clips help section your hair into manageable chunks. These can be used in the shower as an extra step while detangling if your hair is dense and you want to make sure not even one strand escapes the detangle process.  I also use the clips before I start styling, so the rest of my hair is out of my way and it doesn’t find a way to re-tangle itself as it begins to gradually dry.
  4. Spray Bottle. Speaking of drying, a spray bottle is excellent at keeping your hair moisturized while you are setting your hairdo and it’s much more convenient than rewetting your whole head in the shower.  For a boost, you can add Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir inside the spray bottle to give your hair added shine and assist with sealing.
  5. Hands. And the most important and completely free tool to have is your hands!  Your hands can detangle, section, massage and fluff. Without them, it’s impossible to use the other four hair tools.

Final thoughts

It is tempting during this time of the year to let your inner product junkie out to play in the hair tool section of the beauty supply store, but keep it simple and it will save your bank account in the long run. If you’re a savvy shopper, you can get everything on this list for less than twenty bucks and use the rest of your money on a funky outfit for New Years Eve.

What hair tools do you use on your kinky tresses when the temperature drops?

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