In these upcoming cold months, it's hard to fight the dreaded hat hair. When you put a hat on your head that you plan on taking off during the day, make sure you carefully place it on your head first and try not to disturb it. This will help reduce the amount of frizz you get from the hat and hopefully it won’t disturb your curls too much.

Keep it Refreshing

  1. When you take the hat off, put your head upside and spray a refresher in your hair, like DevaCurl Mist-er Right. This will help to bring your curls back to life by dampening them a bit and allowing them to re-curl.
  2. Spray more towards the root first, and then towards the ends and scrunch upwards, but do not run your fingers through your hair disturbing your curls.
  3. Wavy (Type 2): After you have refreshed it, reapply a hard hold gel to reactivate your waves and to help give you volume again.  Scrunch for a few minutes, and then do not touch your hair again until it is dry. Then, lightly scrunch to slightly release the waves.
  4. Curly (Type 3): Refresh and add a medium hold gel or styling cream to keep your curl pattern is in place. You only need to lightly scrunch — if you scrunch too much it will frizz.
  5. Kinky (Type 4): Apply a frizz-free oil and a curling cream together to keep the frizz down while you lightly scrunch to refresh the curls. You may need to spray in a frizz fighting agent, like DevaCurl Set It Free, to cut down on the frizzy halo.

Moisture is Key

Cold weather and hat hair create lots of unwanted frizz together, a curly girl’s nightmare. You need to hydrate and moisturize your hair to cut down on the frizz.  If it is really cold, windy and dry out, keep a spray-in moisturizer on hand to reapply during the day.

  1. Wavy (Type 2): Do not spray too much of a defrizzer in, it will weigh your waves down. Use it sparingly instead, but apply a light frizz-free oil by scrunching it in while your hair is upside down.
  2. Curly (Type 3): Use a medium hold gel and a curling serum together and scrunch upside down slowly and hold for a few seconds, and release slowly not to disturb the curl pattern.
  3. Kinky (Type 4): Cocktail a defrizzer and a curling serum together and scrunch it in to cut the frizz and rejuvenate your curls, but do not disturb the curl pattern.

Do the Twist

When all else fails and your curls are just a hot mess, do a little twisting.

  1. Scrunch in a texture spray, and then  pull a section from each side in the front and pin it back, twisting while you pin it. This will give the impression that it is curly even when your hair is falling flat.
  2. Wavy (Type 2): Pin more waves back on top if your waves have fallen extremely flat. If need be, tease the top crown area to create a little height before you pin it.
  3. Curly (Type 3) & Kinky (Type 4): Twist several sections back, crisscrossing over each other to create a little style, like a mock braid, to hide a flat spot from your hat hair. Add a shine serum if your hair is getting too frizzy.