Developing healthy hair and scalp starts from within

There is no such thing as “bad hair,” only unhealthy hair. Some of the causes that gives us less than desirable tresses are out of our control, but the vast majority can be controlled by changes in our lifestyle. If you are ready to have a head of hair that anyone would envy, you can start on it today, but be forewarned that the process is a life-long commitment, not a once-a-month afterthought.

Just as the condition of the soil affects how a plant grows, the condition of your scalp establishes the health of your hair. A healthy scalp has clean, open pores with good blood flow. A healthy scalp is characterized as being loose and thick.  An unhealthy scalp can be characterized by a dry and itchy scalp, flaking, or tenderness. An unhealthy scalp is either too dry or too oily. An oily scalp reflects the sebaceous glands in overdrive, meaning the glands in the hair follicle are producing too much oil. This creates a haven for bacteria to breed. Dandruff, which is a characteristic of dry scalp, it’s also caused by an over growth of yeast.  Dry scalp can be caused by products leaving a buildup on the scalp. Conditions such as Eczema or Psoriasis may also be to blame for a persistent dry and itchy scalp, as well as poor circulation or poor diet. One ingredient, laboratory tests have found to be effective at combating the growth of bacteria is Tea Tree Oil, so adding products that contains this natural healer will be beneficial to any healthy hair regimen.

However, after hair grows out of your scalp, harmful environmental conditions and styling routines can undo all of the nurturing you put into your hair’s initial “bloom.” It is important to remember, that each person’s hair naturally grows at different rates, so if you are comparing your hair growth to someone else’s, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. In general, curly hair types grow at a slower rate than naturally straight hair types.  But in order to keep your hair looking the best it can be, long after it has grown out of your scalp, treat it with TLC. This means, wearing it in loose, protective styles, keeping it moisturized, and refrain from thermal styling, which can lead to hair breakage due to excessive heat.

Top 10 lifestyle choices to promote healthy scalp and hair:

1.     Massage your entire scalp daily by placing all 10 fingertips on your scalp and massage the same way you would knead dough, working from the front of your head to the back.

2.     Do not scratch your scalp with your fingernails and do not use plastic bristle brushes, but do brush your hair daily to evenly distribute the natural oils.

3.     Eat a well-balanced diet, avoiding overly-processed, fried, and sugary foods & drinks as often as possible.  Drink plenty of water each day to keep the body hydrated.

4.     Develop a regular workout routine (and stick with it!).

5.     Avoid temperature extremes, including wearing a hat during winter and avoid washing your hair with extremely hot water.

6.     Choose hair care products that leaves your hair free from product buildup and provides the right amount of moisture for your hair to prevent dryness that leads to breakage.   Try PARNEVU Extra Dry products.

7.    Include hair care products, in your daily regime, that contains Tea Tree Oil and essential vitamins to keep your scalp moisturized and free of bacteria such as PARNEVU T-Tree products.

8.     Choose hairstyles that nurture, rather than torture your hair, including limiting tight up-dos, heat styling, and chemical processing. Use a protein conditioning treatment at least once a month to help repair damaged hair, such as PARNEVU Hair Mayonnaise.

9.     Cut off split and damaged ends regularly to avoid further breakage.

10.  Sleep on a satin pillowcase or use a satin head scarf or cap (other pillow cases absorb natural oil from your hair, which can dry it out).


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