Define your curls and keep them frizz free with using too much product.

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Dear Rebecca:

I am Somali and I have been struggling with my hair for ages, trying to comb it out, brushing it and braiding it. All in all, I haven’t been embracing my curly hair. When I finally read about the no-poo method, I was all for it. It's GREAT!

My problem: while my hair looks significantly better than it ever did, my hair still remains frizzy. My curls do not stay defined and I can find tiny hairs sticking out all over the place. I attached a picture of myself. That is a picture of my hair semi-wet, and you can still see the frizz.

Here's what I do when I wash my hair:

- Shampoo the scalp - Apply olive oil and rinse it - Get out of the shower - Apply conditioner (Garnier Sleek and Shine) - Apply coconut milk - Air dry

The next day: Refresh with water and conditioner.

I wash my hair every four to five days. By the end of the process, my hair feels as if there is so much product in it and very greasy. My hair is really not pleasant to the touch. And with all that product, I end up with frizzy hair. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to better define my curls and keep them frizz free with out so much product?


Dear Frustrated Frizzy:

First, I have to say you have lovely curls!

Now as far as my recommendations, based upon what you told me, I would start first with cutting down the number of days you shampoo your hair. Clean hair is notorious for being frizzy because it doesn’t have any weight to help control the frizz.

Second, I think I would suggest that you pick from either the coconut milk or the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine. Ultimately, too many products are going to cause the hair to feel weighty, and not pleasant. I think if you cut down the number of days you wash your hair, and add fewer products to your hair, you will find that the natural oils from your hair will aid in the definition and separation of the curls. Then whatever styling product you decide to use will only help the natural oils do the work to control the frizz.

But, before you do all of this, I suggest beginning with a completely clean pallet of hair by shampooing the hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Try Design Essentials Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo which will remove impurities from the hair and the scalp while leaving your hair’s natural moisture content intact. Now, I know I said above to minimize the number of days that you wash your hair, but starting a new product regimen off with a fresh clean head will allow for you to really see true results.

Now, once you’ve washed the hair, follow by conditioning with an extremely moisturizing conditioner. You can try Design Essentials Stimulations Moisturizing Conditioner which is designed to replenish moisture from root to end. Apply this to damp, towel dried hair and comb through using a wide tooth comb to ensure maximum saturation. Leave this in the hair for up to ten minutes, then rinse with cool water to lock in all additional moisture.

Then follow with your regular styling regimen and finish as usual. If you find that this does not work for you, try adding a smoothing styling gel which will cut down on frizzy hair, but add much needed hold. Good luck and please update me on your results!

Hair Love,




Rebecca Mariolis

Use argan oil after a shower and if you can then sulfate free argan oil shampoo and conditioner too. Pro Naturals has a whole line of argan oil hair products which are amaaaaaazing so I totally recommend those!

Use a serum to get rid of frizz. Do not use plastic combs. Use good quality wooden combs. Never wipe your hair with the towel too much, let it air dry. All these thins will help you save your hair from getting frizzy.

Also, I brush my hair with my fingers in the shower and that has made a huge difference. Don't brush it outside of the shower wallal!

Hello! I'm a Somali as well! We have the exact same hair and I think I've found a solution. After years, and I mean years, (I'm now 24) of trying to find a solution for our type of curly hair (cuz our hair can get frizzy on top very easily- but stays kinda curly on the bottom/can really go in wrong directions/is very thick in the middle as well), I started to do the no poo method- using the deva hair care no poo shampoo. I only wash my hair with the no poo shampoo once a week, then I condition it with suave naturals conditioner every day/every other day- as a rinse. Then, after showering, I use Giovanni lightweight leave in conditioner on my damp hair. After that I use a small bit of nexxus hair gel to style. This combination has really really worked on my hair and doesn't weigh it down. Look up the no poo method/search deva curl hair products, they are great- giovanni is also great. Do not use garnier on our hair, it ruins our hair! Nexxus is the only mousse or gel that I've tried that can control our frizz and leave it softer (my hoyo uses it as well!). If you have buildup, I recommend buying apple cider vinegar if you want to wash daily/every other day- it's a natural way to wash curls/get rid of buildup without using shampoo. Although deva curl shampoo is delicate, it's still not ideal to wash it frequently, so apple cider vinegar works. Then condition afterwards. Also, I'm going to try to start drying my hair with a tshirt, cuz my towel can cause frizz as well as I dry my hair.

Whoops, forgot to add that I'm natural, but when I used to relax my hair I used Kemi Oyl; it's essential oils, smells lovely but like any oil you want to use just a little; if you like oil consider the Kemi because it's formulated for curlies.

I don't know about using olive oil; most oils can feel good at first but then they can strip and dry out the hair, not to mention weigh down hair. I swear by the Body Shop Body Butter in Shea, Coconut or Cocoa Butter; my hair drinks it up but it's light and has water blended with the butters so it's not too heavy, and I can add more as the week goes on without worrying about it getting too heavy. I use a little and then add a little more as needed, it's great for my scalp too. I also swear by WEN for cleansing, it's my only cleanser/conditioner. Plus I use Curly Hair Solution's Extenzz which hydrates, cuts frizz and allows curls to "drop", to avoid shrinking as a leave in. I wish I had your length, your hair looks fabulous!

Hi Somali, I saw your post and have been trying to create an account for the last 15 mins, just to try and help! lol. Hopefully i can help banishthat frizz!.. Oil on my hair makes it frizzy!.. so if i were you give that a miss! Heres what i do (after battling for years with my locks!) 1) Wash hair with moisture shampoo & decent moisture conditioner (DO NOT USE FRUCTIS!!! ITS THE CITRIS ACIDS THAT WILL STRIP & DRY YOUR HAIR EVEN MORE!!).. At the moment i am using L'Oreal Professional, Absolut Repair shampoo & conditioner.. seems expensive but online i bought a 1500ml for £15! (salon bottle size).. my hair gets used to shampoo & conditioner, so try changing yours every yr or so. 2) leave conditioner on while combing thru hair, (be generous with the cond!) leave it on for 10 mins. 3) rinse 4) dont let ur hair get dry.. squeeze excess water out with towel 5) comb hair & add lots (root to tip!)of 'BOOTS ESSENTIALS CURL CREME' which is only £1.32 for 250ml! 6)then scrunch in (remember those roots or itll slap to ur head!lol) Wella Shock Waves ultra strong hold mousse, make sure u have covered all hair. 7) flick head bent forward & scrunch hair into towel with hands under towel (do not rub with towel!) 8) ur hair will start drying into dry spagetti! do not touch your hair until it is completely dry (i usta walk into work looking like i had just steped out the shower!) 9) Once bone dry, scrunch hair with hands and ur hair should b looking lush!!!.. add hairspray if you wish (i do!) Then each morning or if your getting frizzy bits, wet hands and run along, not thru, which reactivates the mousse, if that fails, add alittle more creme and wait til it drys & scrunch with fingers again. Never ever ever brush ur hair when dry! Also try and leave your hair a week before washing (which you should b able to do as ur not using oil etc) If u get some of that conditioner, it takes alot to fully rinse it out, make sure u do or your hair gets totally clogged! Last but not least... if u go out in the rain.. make sure u have a brolly or youll get all sticky off the products running off your hair! :o) I sooo hope i have helped you! Good luck! :o)

I really like Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixer with Argan oil for controlling frizz and adding moisture.

Hee hee, I think the subheading at the top should read "withOUT using too much product." ;-)