The natural hair community is booming with lots of information. We have books on healthy hair care practices and styles, billions of hours of videos on YouTube by enthusiast like myself, and valuable cosmetologists with years of experience all saying how important it is to do three things. Yet in my countless hours of conversations with naturalistas all over the globe I find that we are all guilty of the three common mistakes I talk about in my latest video. 

Why are so many of us making the same mistake?

It is really interesting because when you talk about healthy hair—and us curlfriends love talking about hair—we are often advised to do these same three things. I came to a valuable conclusion that led me to discuss mistake #1—too many women equate long hair with healthy hair. I blame our impulsive nature and need to shop on mistake #2. And for mistake #3, I fault improper hair care discussions.  Take my advice and avoid these mistakes today!

Are you guilty of these mistakes?

Share yours in the comments so other curlies can learn from you.