MopTop Founder Kelly Foreman shares her natural journey that led her to create her popular curly hair care line.

Kelly Foreman of MopTop

NaturallyCurly: Introduce yourself and your company!

Kelly Foreman: My name is Kelly Foreman. I believe we are all created beautifully, and my company is MopTop Hair.  My mission is inspiring millions to discover confidence and natural beauty one frizzy head at a time!

NC: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the hair care business?

KF: I grew up with some LOVELY nick-names like Fuzzy, Brillo, MopTop and Poodle. When my middle daughter turned two, I realized she was going to have my hair, and I was devastated! It was fine for me to “deal with my hair," but I could NOT allow my daughter to go through what I did growing up!

I have been scarred by REALLY BAD haircuts. I ask, why would ANY STYLIST think “that” hair cut looks good? REALLY?! I set out trying to find the “Holy Grail” and simplify my life. At the time, I used 12 different products a day and was constantly buying anything else that looked promising.  One day, I spilled one of the products on my counter-top and had a terrible time getting it off. It scared me to think about how it must be staying in my hair and on my scalp! I also had realized that my hair was not really “working right “ anymore.  I was having some hair loss and breakage too.

I dove in, researching everything under the sun — books, internet, chemistry 101, etc. After interviewing about 200 stylists, I realized that the problem was sulfates, traditional silicones, alcohol & waxes. Then I went straight to my kitchen and started mixing things up myself. They were curl defining and moisturizing, but smelled awful, so I got some help. Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s important to take care of it, which is why we use natural ingredients. I wanted my hair to feel soft to the touch, the way hair SHOULD feel. I also wanted movement, like in those hair commercials where the woman runs her hand behind her long luscious hair and it's like a flowing curtain! I WANTED that, and I now have that. My hair is soft to the touch, and yet it has curl definition, hold and a nice natural sheen. Aloe is the oldest best moisturizer, then sea botanicals [for coating] and honey [for moisture again] The best part, and what makes it all work, is that all of these ingredients are water soluble!

NC: How do you wear your hair? Natural? Curly?

KF: Naturally curly, just the way I was created!

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Why did you stop making the incredible mop c-system curl defining cream. It was great!