Meet MopTop Founder Kelly Foreman

2012-12-17 09:34:07

Meet MopTop Founder Kelly Foreman

MopTop Founder Kelly Foreman shares her natural journey that led her to create her popular curly hair care line.

NC: Can you tell me about your curly hair story?

KF: My motivation is the girls out there with frizzy hair. We do Frizz Interventions where we do an event, usually in a salon, that carries our products. We invite clients to come in and learn how to manage their gorgeous texture! We teach them how to properly cleanse, condition and style. There are so many wonderful stories of people with all textures, all ages and all is hair! My favorite part is guiding people. There was a sweet teen girl, who was told by other kids when se was 13 that her hair was “Blank ugly” and that she had a hawk nose. When we finished teaching her, she looked in the mirror for the first time and said, “Oh, I look beautiful!” She had never felt beautiful before. She walked out the door two feet taller, and it was NOT because her hair was two feet taller. It was because her spirit was!

I could do this every day and NEVER get tired of it.  I wish I could draw, so I could show everyone what picture I see in my head before we create it. Every head is different and so beautiful! I am the luckiest woman in the WORLD!

NC: Let’s talk a bit about the line/products. Can you tell me about it, it’s ingredients etc.?

KF: I’m an ingredient geek! We are sulfate free and we use a surfactant from cocoa nut. Our shampoo is a low sudsing shampoo, and almost our entire line is paraben free. I am in the process of removing it from the last product. We do not use alcohols in any styling products because they are too drying! We use two water soluble silicones in our Leave-it in Conditioner, and it took me almost two years to get to the chemist that makes these ingredients! The Leave-it-in totally ROCKs for detangling ALL hair types! The bases of everything are aloe, sea botanicals and honey.

NC: Who was your product line developed for?

KF: Our products were developed for all hair types, all ages and all ethnicities! We have one shampoo, three levels of conditioners and four different stylers. We have an oil, a cream and a few others in development!

NC: How do your products work for curlies? What results can they expect?

KF: If you use the right amount of product for your hair type, you will have hair that is SOFT to the touch with MOVEMENT. If you are looking for stiff and a “producty” feel, that’s NOT us.

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Why did you stop making the incredible mop c-system curl defining cream. It was great!