Avoid fussing with your hair in the morning with a good nighttime routine.

To Preserve a Twist or Braid Out

Second day hair for a twist or braid out seems to be somewhat of a myth or only enjoyed by a select lucky few.

Keeping in mind that the style may never look as defined, frizz free and gorgeous as day one, it is indeed possible to preserve it and get at least two days from a set with the right curly hair care methods!

  1. Begin by applying pomade or gel to your hairline and tie a scarf around it. This will help to keep your edges down so come the next morning, there will be no battle to get them to behave and no need to pull out your hairline’s arch nemesis, the bristle brush.
  2. You can then either loosely twist the hair in large sections or pineapple it. In order to pineapple the hair, bend at the waist and gather your hair at the very top of your head.
  3. Secure it loosely with a satin scrunchy. Ensure that you do not tie your hair too tightly as it will leave a dent in it that will be difficult to remove in the morning. Put on your satin bonnet and hit the sack.

And, voila! Your twist or braid out is ready for day two!

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