Many hair care products geared toward the curly community boast of having added protein. This is good, as we curlies do tend to need the added protein, especially if we have porous hair. However, with a couple of ingredients and a little bit of extra time, you can actually give your hair a protein boost at home with this rum and egg porous hair treatment.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need some clear alcohol such as rum or vodka and two eggs. This depends on the length of your hair, though, and those of you with chin to shoulder length hair could probably get away with just one egg. I opted to double the recipe to be sure I had enough for my hair which is several inches past my shoulders. None of my mixture went to waste.

Since I didn’t have any rum on hand (we only drink one maybe two times a year”>, I rummaged up some leftover vodka from New Year’s. Before doing so, I researched this to see if there would be any difference between rum and vodka and there did not appear to be any difference. The important thing seemed to be having a clear alcohol that is fairly strong and “dry.”

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