Here are some hair gel tips I have used with much success.

The problem is that we sometimes have a hard time applying styling mousses and gels. We do not know how much to use and how to apply it for maximum results and satisfaction with our finished style.

The solution is called shampooing in your gel. Many curlies struggle with styling liquids because they get some here, a bit there and none in many areas. We need to apply the styling product thoroughly, evenly and consistently—this is always more difficult with curly hair.

The two key elements of the technique are coating your hands and transferring the product to ALL of the hair.

Place a sufficient quantity of mousse or gel in your hand. How much is sufficient? Likely you need to use a LOT more than you regularly do. A ball of mousse should be golf-ball sized if your hair is quite short. Baseball-sized for mid-length hair that is above the shoulder and more as hair is longer and thicker. Liquid gels should be a puddle big enough to risk spilling out of your hand (hands over the sink please—watch that carpet). Styling liquids should then be “washed” into/on to your hands. Use an interlacing motion much like hand washing to coat your hands on both sides and between your fingers. This will set you up to truly coat the hair with product.

Then it is time to shampoo your hair. We call it shampooing because the application motion is just as you would do when you shampoo your hair. Work it in and all over and around and through. Most of the time we apply product “on” their hair. The product is placed on the surface, the top of the hair and mainly in the front where they can easily see it and reach it. The shampooing motion is effective in working the styling product in and around and through all of the hair. This complete coverage and distribution will make a big difference in the styling results clients achieve. This is especially true with products intended to manage frizz and add shine. Missed areas have no chance to benefit from all the good these products can offer.

Shampoo your shampoo in the shower...but shampoo in your styling product for maximum results.