Many curlies who are transitioning have concerns about how much their hair is growing or not growing. This growth is extremely important, as is evidenced by curlies keeping natural hair journals and doing weekly length checks. Curlies who have done a big chop may be even more impatient as they attempt to get used to wearing a short style. As a result, Virgin Hair Fertilizer has gained popularity among naturals in the midst of a transition. But is it worth the money and does it actually work? If so, what should you know before trying this product?

What is it?

When you open a box of Virgin Hair Fertilizer, you’ll find a tube of somewhat thick hair cream. Some say it reminds them of petroleum jelly (probably because that’s one of its main ingredients), only it’s a little “lighter” than Vaseline. It smells like menthol and has a strong odor (likely from the peppermint oil and other herbs), but if you leave it in overnight, the smell is better by morning. The peppermint oil is the most likely culprit in the reported “tingly” feeling on the scalp some curlies say they feel when using it.

Will it Work?

We’ve read some mixed reviews as to whether or not this product does what it claims to do. Some of our CurlTalk curlies swear by it while other curlies say they can’t really tell for one reason or another; either their hair grows nicely in the first place or they’re wearing a sew-in while transitioning and will have to wait a couple of months. Like many products, it appears that this may be another try-it-for-yourself-and-see product because your results may vary.

For more reviews and experiences, visit their Facebook page to see what others who “liked” the manufacturer have to say.

How Do I Use it?

Since Virgin Hair Fertilizer is meant to stimulate hair growth and condition the scalp, you’ll want to massage it into your hair roots and scalp daily. You can even apply it if you’re protecting your hair with a sew-in during transitioning.

Where Can I Find it?

Virgin Hair Fertilizer is available both in person at beauty supply stores (we’ve been told that you can find it at Sally’s Beauty Supply) and online at retailers such as Amazon. The company is based in Nigeria, but you can also order it directly from the manufacturer.

Have you tried Virgin Hair Fertilizer with positive results? If you haven't tried it, are you willing to try it for yourself and see if it works for you?