Tips for rocking your fabulous wash and go hair and staying warm in style.

Keep Your Head Warm and Your Curls Hot!

In case you haven't noticed, naturally curly hair isn't really a big fan of hats. Either our hair is too big for a hat, or hat hair just encourages a flat top. But in the cold weather, we seem forced to choose between vanity and keeping warm. No more! No more hiding under protective styles which are great for the winter and your curls, just not the most fun for the entire winter season or hats. Instead, we bring you two cute and trendy ways to keep warm and let your curls out!

Earmuffs to the Rescue

We aren't talking about the earmuffs your wore in elementary school! Earmuffs can be cool and fashionable — you just have to be smart. When out shopping for a new pair, be sure you choose something that has a lot of texture — animal hair works great! Also, be sure that the color of the textured muffs is drastically different to yours. If you're going to be rocking a style, you want it to be seen! So if you have blonde hair, look for black muffs. If you have black hair, looks for lighter colored muffs.

  1. Use the earmuffs as a headband. Simply push your hair back, letting it shine in all of its big glory, and rock a fashionable (and warm!) look with your earmuffs. Again, it is essential that the muffs be a different color than your hair in order to add that extra "fashionable" edge.
  2. Rock out with your bangs out! Instead of simply using the earmuffs as a headband, pull a section of your hair, usually the front section, out from the rest and then simply place the earmuffs on over your hair. This way, your "bangs" will be out from behind the band, but the rest of your hair will be big and beautiful behind it. As a bonus, your ears will be warm and frostbite free!

A Scarf of a Different Use

Scarves rock They keep our necks warm and the cold air out and away from getting in to our jackets, thus preventing many a cough, sneeze and cold. So why not put those scarves to even better use and extend its productivity! Before we begin, we sure that you are using an extra long scarf. Short scarves will not be able to accomplish this look.

  1. Wrap an extra long scarf around your forehead and cross the two section under your hair at the nape of your neck.
  2. Pull the extra lengths of the scarf around your neck and tie like you would a normal scarf.
  3. Push the scarf back a bit over your hair, as you would a headband, or adjust it as your see fit to keep both your forehead and ears warm. The scarf will look more like a band and scarf set, but we all know it is only one piece!

Want More?

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Taren Shows You How to Get the Look

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Samantha Berley

Interesting article, but if you put product in your hair and your hair is dry, the hair can still freeze in frigid temps. I experienced this last year. How do you prevent hair from freezing without wearing a hat or scarf?