winter curly

The temperature drops and as everyone's wardrobe and eating habits shift, the curlies of the world take a look in the mirror and sigh. Yet another season for me to adapt to whatever the weather and Hurricane Whatsitsname has in store. One day it feels like fall and another day I can spot icicles across the street. But one thing is forever constant—we all need an emergency curl plan.

AM Showers Not in Weather Forecast

During the summer I enjoy every opportunity to wash my hair in the morning. I've learned from failed attempts in the past that this is not the smartest thing to do when the temperature drops. Going outside with wet hair usually gives me the biggest headache. Though this will not give you a cold like your mother might have warned, it will hurt your hair follicles. It will most likely pull out a lot of moisture that you want in your hair and scalp. So the best method is to give yourself ample time for morning hair drying, or even take care of it the night before.

As for when you wash? Make sure that no matter how hot you're tempted to make the temperature of the water, you finish off with a cold rinse. The hot temperature opens pores and follicles, and the cold seals it back up. (Also a great tip for skincare!)

Oil Spills

As you flex your willpower muscles and try to refrain from washing your hair too often, make sure to still take good care of it. Even if you deep condition during the times that you wash, the cold air will suck out moisture from your scalp (it is your skin, after all), so invest in a good scalp oil treatment that you can apply to keep your scalp from drying up and creating dreaded flakes.

Put an Extra Layer On

When you head to sleep, make sure you have a layer to protect your hair from your pillow and twist and turn habits. The extra rubbing against the pillow will only cause frizz and heighten the desire to wash your hair in the morning. Get a scarf or hair-friendly fabric to wrap your hair in, and better yet, get a satin pillowcase for when you forget.

What the Frizz?

When all else fails, just embrace the frizz. The versatility of curls also lies in the ability to turn into a frizzball on occasion. This is a perfect opportunity to do puffy pigtails, or a more work-appropriate bun. You can even tease the crown a bit to create a homemade version of the Bump-It! To keep it from looking unkempt, run a brush through the top layer of hair and maybe use a light hairspray over it.

Have any tips to share with the curl community? An emergency curl plan that got you through the winters of the past? Share them below in the comments area!

Yana Lusher writes her own blog: My Own Judge.