Little girl

Dear Ouidad:

I have had type 3a curly hair my entire life. Last year, I cut my hair that was down my back up to my neck. Since that time, my curls have left me! My hair went from a 3a to less than a 2a. I used to be able to throw some gel in my hair and leave the house with no problems. Now, gel or mousse just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I have been straightening my hair because it no longer looks right with my hair wet. I have also been putting my hair in a ponytail because I don't feel confident about my hair any more. Please help me! I don't know what to do! Should I perm my hair? I thought that growing my hair out would do the trick, but it didn't. I had it down to my bra line, and NOTHING!

I just recently had someone who was Ouidad certified cut my hair. When he styled it, it came out too crunchy and flaky. It was curly though. I tried it at home the next day and it came out wavy. I am desperate to get my curls back. Please HELP ME!

Dear Curl-less:

It sounds like my Certified Stylist was a bit heavy with the amount of products, but applying the products using my "Rake & Shake" technique will definitely get more curl out of your hair. Also, when the hair is very dehydrated (possibly from straightening your hair on regular basis) the curls can collapse, so a Deep Treatment would be helpful.

My PlayCurl will have you loving your curls again soon! This line was developed to help add volume and encourage curl formation. The PlayCurl Volumizing Shampoo contains a blend of green tea extract, aloe and wheat protein with volumizing polymers which provide a gentle shampoo that livens limp curls and encourages curl formation. Follow this with my PlayCurl Volumizing Conditioner to build fullness and strengthen baby fine curls.

After shampooing and conditioning, apply a nourishing, but volumizing mousse throughout your curls using my “Rake and Shake” technique. Turn head upside down and dry using a diffuser to add curl definition and volume.