Use hair products appropriate for your curl type to achieve soft curls that aren’t weighed down or crunchy.

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Dear Ouidad:

I’m looking for a way to style my type 3a curly hair. I like it long, natural looking and kinda thin, but I don’t want my styling products to make my hair hard or build up at my scalp. I like Taylor Swift’s type of hair; natural looking soft curls, and I’m looking for something like that. I also like Kate Winslet’s curls in "Titanic," although I know those are not natural. If you know of anything I can try, please let me know! The faster it takes to achieve that look would be the better! No one likes sitting in the bathroom doing their hair all morning! Please, help!


Each person’s curls are unique and beautiful! Like your own finger prints! I suggest a shampoo, conditioner and styling product that is appropriate for your curl type to achieve beautiful curls that aren’t weighed down or crunchy, which would be my Curl Quencher Shampoo and Conditioner and Styling Gel. While hair is still damp use my “Rake and Shake” technique with your styling gel to evenly distribute product and keep curls protected and defined. Remember- the amount of hair between your fingers will determine the size of the curl, so I recommend larger sections to get the soft curls you’re looking for.

Another option would be to use my Softening Treatment to loosen the curl pattern. This service is offered only at our New York and Santa Monica salons that specialize in curly hair and is meant to gently loosen the curl pattern without harsh chemicals used in most relaxers.


The stylists at Ouidad, especially its founder, are extremely talented, but their methods look extremely complicated to me. Help!

Wash your hair as normal. Towel or air dry your hair until it is 80% dry.Work in a mousse from root to tip of your hair and apply leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair.Put your hair up in a bun by looping the hair through the elastic halfway before pulling the remaining hair through the loop.Bobby pin it into place.Add a spritz of hairspray.Go to bed.Wake up and take out the bun.Do not brush or comb it through, instead use a wide toothed comb or your fingers.Scrunch some mousse through your hair for more definition.

I use Paul Mitchell round trip and Herbal Esscences curl scrunching gel on my hair. Either that or I put a little Phyto-defrisant relaxer in it and let it dry.

This takes about 5 minutes and works really well for me. After I shower, I run through my hair with a towel, so it is damp but not soaking wet. Then I add in leave in conditioner (Garnier Frutis Curl&Shine), comb out my hair, shake it down. After that I use this AWESOME stuff the hair stylist gave me(I got more at the store) called Sebastian Whipped Creme(It smells like marshmallows!). I then either put my hair back in a towel and go to sleep, or walk out of the house scrunching my hair to keep it extra curly. Hope this helps!

I shall share what I've found. ^ i had these same problems. Okay. Go to WalMart. Buy one of those mini spray bottles. Then buy the infusiom23 Leave in conditioner( gray bottle) After you was your hair, towel SCRUNCH IT, to get out most ecsess water. Then, fill your spray bottle with the leave in conditioner, and evenly distribute it throughout your hair..but do NOT soak your hair in it, just make sure you get it all over, after that use your towel again to scrunch it! Get rid of the extra, if you CAN, go sit in the sun. But if not, just let it dry, and don't touch it.

This really doesn't help! How about something for the everyday naturaly curly girls? I just want to have nice lose soft curls that i don't have to spend 2 hours on. everywhere you look for help they either show you help for afro hair, or already loose soft curls, or to buy a product that is either super spendy or no where close to home! PLEASE HELP!!!

hi i forgot to tell you this can be use to create curls also you just wash hair towel dry section it spray each section then blow dry after whole head is done hair will strait now if you want long lasting curls take a curling iron ( one that heats up real good 450 degree or close to it ) section hair you want to curl and curl away when you curl make sure to do like the flat iron in other words leave on a few seconds do it a couple times