We do not need a rocket scientist to tell us if our hair is dry. For most curlies, that is completely natural. But there are many factors that can make our hair even thirstier. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will finally quench your parched locks’ thirst.

  1. Stop using sulfates

This is a no-brainer. Sulfates are harsh detergents in many shampoos (and laundry soap”> that strip the hair of sebum, the natural oil our scalp produces to moisturize itself. If you want to retain moisture, you need to avoid sulfate shampoos.

  1. Start co-washing

Sometimes, even sulfate-free can be too drying for curly hair. Using conditioner to wash the scalp is an alternative to shampoo. You can use any daily conditioner or you can buy specially formulated co-washes. Co-washing moisturizes dry hair and prevents it from becoming stripped of its natural oils.

  1. Deep condition regularly

I am sure that many of you already deep condition, but here’s the thing, it’s time to buy a real deep conditioner. A lot of curlies like to save money by making DIY masks or using regular conditioner to deep condition, but no mixture will do what a specially formulated deep conditioner can do. Splurge on a good deep conditioner, your hair needs it! And although deep conditioning is recommended once or twice a week, it’s okay to deep condition your hair every time you shower. For a deeper condition, put on a shower cap to trap the heat in.

  1. Seal with oil

Curly hair tends to be dry because the hair cuticle is naturally raised thus leading to moisture loss. Help your dry hair retain moisture by oiling it immediately after showering. The oil seals in all the water and conditioner from your wash and go and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss and promote shine. Any oil is fine, coconut oil is very popular for its strengthening properties.

  1. Condition everyday

You have heard people say to not shampoo every day, but no one ever said you can’t condition every day. If your hair becomes parched by the end of the day then it won’t hurt for you to give your hair the thirst-quenching moisture that it needs. You can just jump into the shower and condition your hair every morning. Conditioning every day will also lead to hair with less tangles!

  1. Sleep with satin

Protect your hair overnight to retain moisture. Sleep on a satin pillow case or sleep with a satin bonnet. Cotton is very absorbent and can steal the moisture from your hair while you sleep. Satin is a sleek material that won’t cause frizz and will help with moisture retention.

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