Start digging for your diffusers now, curlies.

You all know the history behind the "Sh*t whoever says" parody videos that blasted across YouTube a few months, so there is no real need to explain the reference. First, we found the "Stuff White Girls Say to Black Girls," then there was "Stuff Naturals Say," and then there was "Stuff Relaxed Girls Say to Naturals," but now Jessicurl has produced a video sounding off about what curlies say — and we say that it is about time!

Start digging for your diffusers now, curlies. This video, you won't want to miss!

Scrunch, Scrunch...

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Can curly Ryan come do my hair everyday?


"Have you seen my diffuser?" I'm still looking for it...

"There will be no touching of the hair.." hahaha I love it!

this was hilarious because its sooo true

Hahaha! That's so funny! Is it me, or do all guys with long hair sound girlish (just a little bit) when talking about their hair?