If you’re a 3B, you’re right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of all the wavies, curlies and coilies.  Some days your hair is more on the wavy side and some days you swear it became 3 times curlier overnight. As a 3b curly, you are no stranger to the scrunching, but can also throw it up in a pineapple whenever you want.

You’ve most likely already found the NaturallyCurly Texture Typing System in an effort to get answers for all your curly/wavy questions. However, if you haven’t, this system breaks hair down into 3 categories – 2s, 3s, and 4s, with 3 subgroups within those categories – As, Bs, and Cs. Type 3B hair usually has ringlets that have the circumference of a Sharpie, and a big goal for 3B ladies is to fight frizz by using moisturizing products and to avoid drying ingredients.

Most people have multiple textures on their head, so it is very common to have majority 3B curls, with 3A and 3C mixed in as well. It's important to understand that just because you have 3B hair does not mean that your hair will look and act like all 3Bs, there are other characteristics of your hair type like porosity, density and width that play major roles. Curious as to the different manifestations of 3b hair? We’ve compiled 20 photos of women blessed with 3B curls!

1. @dailiperez


Photo Courtesy of @dailiperez
2. @skeenit 
Photo Courtesy of @skeenit

@skeenit has mostly 3B curls with some 3C curls framing her face.

3. @somegirlfromtexas 

Photo Courtesy of @somegirlfromtexas

One of our Naturally Curly graphic designers, Fran rocks her 3B curls and just so happens to be the “poster child” for the category.

4. @lenipaperboats

Photo Courtesy of @@lenipaperboats, Photography by @vidbina

@lenipaperboats has a mixture of 3B and 3A curls (the circumference of sidewalk chalk).

5. @create_space_melissa & @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon, Photo of @create_space_melissa

6. @flaviaesantiago 

Photo Courtesy of @flaviaesantiago, Photography by @m4rk_toweri_photography

The gorgeous @flaviaesantiago has all of the 3s on her head!

7. @curlymariam

Photo Courtesy of @curlymariam

8. @cpikillah

Photo Courtesy of @cpikillah

9. @frogirlginny

Photo Courtesy of @frogirlginny

One of my personal favorite Instagram inspirations, @frogirlginny, has 3B and 3C curls towards the bottom half of her hair with curls of a bigger circumference at the top.

10. @curlymichelle62 

NaturallyCurly's own Co-Founder Michelle Breyer has 3b curls!

11. @leniza_evy

Photo Courtesy of @leniza_evy

12. @zakiablain

Photo Courtesy of @zakiablain

@zakiablain is a perfect example of a 3B with a cute, short hair cut.

13. @angiedivina

Photo Courtesy of @angiedivina

14. @tylauren

Photo Courtesy of @tylauren

15. @tiffanytattooz

Photo Courtesy of @tiffanytattooz

16. @namedafterahat 

Photo Courtesy of @namedafterahat, Photography by @styledbyvero

17. @kassalaholdsclaw 

Photo Courtesy of @kassalaholdsclaw, Photography by @mountainbikekeith

@kassalaholdsclaw’s hair color!!!

18. @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

19. @carla_jeanine

Photo Courtesy of @carla_jeanine

20. @justdaniela1

Photo Courtesy of @justdaniela1

@justdaniela1 has more relaxed 3B curls that mingle with some 3a and 2C curls as well.

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