Michelle Breyer

When Huetiful reached out to NaturallyCurly.com co-founder Michelle asking her if she would like to try out their new chemical, sulfate and paraben-free products for attaining a blowout, or just loosening curls, she was more excited than ever to accept the offer.

Huetiful's new system not only helps you to achieve a salon quality blowout, but once you decide to wash the blowout and get back to your curls, your curls are a bit looser and more defined. The treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, so be you curly, coily or straight, the product is right for you.

Of course, as often occurs over here at NaturallyCurly.com, anytime we publish articles about naturally curly women getting a chemical treatment, like Michelle's Brazilian Blowout, or trying out a new blowout technique, many naturals raise their hands questioning, "Aren't you a site dedicated solely to naturally textured hair? Why is straightening a part of this?"

Well, curlies, the answer is simple: we love our curls, but changing up our look is fun, as long as it doesn't damage the textured hair that we'll probably want back, um, tomorrow!

If you are like us and think changing up your look with a blowout can be a fun and, with all these new products, a safe way to get temporarily straight strands sans the damage, then join us as we show you how Huetiful took Michelle from 3B to type 1 and, then after washing, to a 3A! And a FIINNEE one at that, if I do say so myself.

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Michelle Breyer getting a Huetiful hair straightening treatment

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blowout

After a wash with the Huetiful Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner with Moringa Oil, Michelle was set and ready to go. Her hair was combed out, sectioned off and the process began.

Huetiful's Professional Educator, Eniya McCullough from Eniya Anise Salon in Atlanta, first shampooed Michelle with Huetiful Clarifying Shampoo to cleanse the hair of all product build-up and to create a clean slate. Then, she applied Huetiful Maintenance Conditioner. After the wash and condition, we got to the heart of the smoothing treatment process: Huetiful's nanoSmoothing Treatment.

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Michelle Breyer getting a nano smoothing treatment

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blowout

After combing out and detangling Michelle's curls, Eniya sectioned off her hair and applied the nanoSmoothing Treatment to each section, combing it through to coat the hair from root to tip.

Because the treatment comes in a mousse form, you don't have to worry about applying too much. For each section, Eniya used a line of product at the root and combed it through. There is no such thing here as too much.

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A Beautiful, Huetiful Blowout

After the nanoSmoothing Treatment had been applied to and combed through each section, Michelle was 1) STOKED and 2) placed under a plastic cap for 20 minutes to set the treatment.

The formulation is designed to stop its processing automatically after 25 minutes. So, you don't have to worry about "over processing damage."

And, there is no need to wear a mask or any other protective covering as it is a natural formulation.

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Michelle Breyer in the Heutiful chair

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blow-out

After the treatment set, Eniya blow-dried Michelle's hair straight. Then, using Huetiful Leave-In Protectant on each strand, she sectioned her hair off and used a flat iron to reduce the frizz and set the straight look in place.

Always be sure when you use heat appliances on your curls that you are using some sort of heat protectant. Huetiful Leave-In Protectant is a great choice as it combines both the properties of a leave-in conditioner and that of a heat protectant.

The protectant was applied to each strand before the flat iron was run through in order to ensure maximum heat protection.

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Michelle Breyer with the Huetiful teamAssociate Brand Manager, Kisha McDaniel, Founder Ken, Michelle and Model Pash.

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blow-out

The final look was a massive transformation from bouncy curls to stick straight strands that latest for days! In Michelle's own words, "I feel like I have to hold my head differently! I can toss it around and the hair follows!"

Of course, the real test of the smoothing treatment was to see what the curls would look like once they came back...

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Michelle Breyer after her Huetiful blowout

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blow-out

After an additional two days of straight strands, Michelle missed her curls and her daughter was spouting off things like, "Mom, you shouldn't do that to your hair. There's a site for people like you. It is called NaturallyCurly. You should look it up."

Nonetheless, Michelle went back to her curly ways, but this time, with looser and more defined spirals.

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Michelle's usual tight 3B curls were loosened to a defined type 3A that to this day (9 days later) are still resting in their loosened position.

So, curlies, if you're looking for a semi-permanent looser look that includes a couple days of straight strands, then test out Huetiful's smoothing treatment set to hit the market April 24.

As always, let us know how it goes and we'll feature your story on the site!