Michelle Breyer tries out Huetiful's new chemical, sulfate and paraben-free products.

Michelle Breyer getting a Huetiful hair straightening treatment

A Beautiful, Huetiful Blowout

After a wash with the Huetiful Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner with Moringa Oil, Michelle was set and ready to go. Her hair was combed out, sectioned off and the process began.

Huetiful's Professional Educator, Eniya McCullough from Eniya Anise Salon in Atlanta, first shampooed Michelle with Huetiful Clarifying Shampoo to cleanse the hair of all product build-up and to create a clean slate. Then, she applied Huetiful Maintenance Conditioner. After the wash and condition, we got to the heart of the smoothing treatment process: Huetiful's nanoSmoothing Treatment.

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Tracey Wallace

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love it too bad I'm all the way in Canada. There's never any love for your northern neighbors lol