One thing is for certain, and two for sure. We love to see children embrace their youth. Hair bows, barrettes, and beads it’s like a throwback Thursday to our childhood. Planning and executing your tot’s latest hairstyle is a memory you’ll never forget and a fun experience for them to wear. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for accessories that will revive and refresh your kid’s hairstyles in 2024.

1. Monogram Embroidered Hair Bows

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Image Source: SweetBowsShopCo

These cute bows are great for ponytails and buns. They are hand embroidered with a personal touch. A clip is sewn on the back for easy inserting and removal, making this a simple detail.

2. Rainbow Themed Barrettes

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An all-time favorite and classic, the barrette can go on any part of the hair. My favorite is at the bottom of each braid/twist. For security, you can wrap the bottom of the braid in a rubber band and slide the tip of the barrette through the rubber band. We know recess can get pretty rough!

3. Hair Color Wax

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Color wax is a fun trend that allows you to have fun with color without using bleach or dyes. You apply the wax on damp hair and spread it through until it’s vibrant. Once complete, you’ll have hair that is playful and bursting with color.

4. Unicorn Headbands

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These unicorn headbands are a fairytale come true. They are great for a simple slick back style. It is the finishing touch to a bun, half up, half down, and ponytail look.

5. Jumbo Styling Beads

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These beads are perfect for all of the hair-flipping girlies. Like music to ears as they make a beautiful click-clack with every movement. Your tiny tot is sure to turn preschool heads with this Barbie pink accessory.

6. 16 Count of Pom Pom Hair Ties 

15 Hair Accessories To Try On Your Tiny Tot

Pom Poms are soft and fuzzy. These hair ties come in a 16-count with pastel colors. They are unique and add texture to spice up the everyday look. 

7. LED Scrunchie

Your little one will light up any room with these LED Scrunchie’s. They are a bold statement to complete any ponytail look.

8. Colorful Hair Ball Collection 

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The hairball is the OG of hair accessories and we’re not surprised. While they are elastic, you also have flexibility with how you can style them. They wrap around every bun and ponytail effortlessly. This is an essential for all hair accessory collections.

9. School-Themed Hair Clips

Image Source: The Gift Chicks

These are for sure to be a conversation starter in any classroom. They are ideal for a behind-the-ear style or hair-down style. They would sit perfectly on bangs.

10. Flower Claw Clips


The claw clip will never go out of style. This clip is signature for a sleek, sophisticated look. The claw clip pairs well with half up, half down style, or complete up-do.

11. Twirly Do Hair Wraps

Image Source: Twirly Do

These hair wraps are sure to give your strands a pop. To achieve this look, you’ll take a small section of hair and wrap it counterclockwise until you’ve reached the bottom. At the bottom of the wrap is a pretty charm that hangs mid-length for flair.

12. Zodiac Bobby Pins

What better way to rep your sign than with a Zodiac hairpin? This hair duo doesn’t just come with the astrology sign name but it also comes with the constellation sign. Your little one is sure to be a trendsetter after rocking this set.

13. Sparkly Color Extensions 

Color extensions are a fun way to include color in your daily look. This look can be completed using a crochet hook to attach to a piece of natural hair. The extension kit from Amazon includes 19 different hair colors and application tools. 

14. Butterfly Hair Clips

These whimsical butterflies will add a 3D look to any style. Our favorite look is sitting them on top of braids.

15. Monogram Hairpins

Image Source: Oh Rosie My Posie

This accessory is so unique and personal. It’s the perfect gift with a name on it. This set also lets you customize up to three names, completing a full name.

All individual accessories can be purchased today for under $20.00. What better way to send your kiddos back to school after the holiday than in style?

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