While “Barbie” has been the talk of the town lately, let us not forget we started the summer with “The Little Mermaid”. We were able to revisit this classic Disney film and marvel at the updated storyline and visuals that saw Ariel (Halle Bailey) with bold red locs. We didn’t just see little girls donning the signature mermaid tale but finding creative and bold ways to incorporate mermaid-esque styles into their hair. If you’re looking for inspiration then we’ve got you covered with parents who are killing the curly game with 15 mermaidcore hairstyles that truly bring out their child’s inner mermaid.

mermaidcore hairstyles
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What Is Mermaid Core

MermaidCore takes inspiration from all of the fanatical elements of Mermaids whether it’s beachy waves, pastel highlights, peal-inspired accessories, or any sea-aesthetic materials. The fashion industry has had waves of showing Mermaidcore styles in clothes and accessories, but this rendition of The Little Mermaid widened the conversation about what Mermaidcore could be. Mermaids are mystical creatures which means that the fanatical elements about what they can look like and the styles they wear should be versatile and creative. The hues of colors and seaside variations of Mermaidcore mean there are even more opportunities to get whimsical with your child’s hair

Whether it’s decadent braids, colorful extensions, or beachy accessories, we’ve seen a wonderful assortment of hairstyles that have transformed curls and coils into their versions of the Disney princess. Many of these items can be purchased at local beauty shops and craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby which has an assortment of beachy accents like seashells, starfish.


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We tried the rubber band method! This mama is a beginner braider and this method is great for those of us who who cant get the knots concept (i tried lol it never works) She wanted mermaid hair lol the blue bow is giving animated Ariel though she is little mermaid obsessed! #boxbraids #rubberbandmethodboxbraid #kidhairstyles #mermaidhair

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go see the little mermaid if you havent yet! so so so good!!!

♬ Under the Sea – Daveed Diggs & Cast – The Little Mermaid & Disney
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Which mermaid-inspired hairstyle will you create this season? Let us know in the comments!